Fear of Success

Do we let fear of failure stop us from succeeding? Perhaps it is fear of success that gives us stumbling blocks? I am not brave. I struggle each day to stand up for myself, to speak up whether verbally or through my writing. I am still the scared little girl who believes she can’t do that. A wise woman, Ms. Glenoria Jennette, my mentor since … Continue reading Fear of Success

Joy and Hope, Books that Leave You Feeling Renewed

Have you ever met someone who just talking to them leaves you feeling so good that no matter what trials you might going through at the time their presence makes it all seem better? Their joy is so infectious, you walk away lighter, as if your burden has been lifted and everything is right in the world. Even if it is only temporary, the relief … Continue reading Joy and Hope, Books that Leave You Feeling Renewed

Peace on Earth

“Let there be peace on earth…” There doesn’t seem to be much peace this year, the news is full of anger and fear, police brutality, terrorists and hate, crime is on the rise. Everyone shouting and screaming about the color of a cup or the words we use to greet each other. All the while children are being killed in their class rooms and shot … Continue reading Peace on Earth

Christmas Revels: A Regency Christmas Anthology

Christmas Revels: A Regency Anthology Christmas Revels is an anthology of four Christmas novellas set in Regency England. It is the Christmas gift you give yourself. It is a wonderful, eclectic collection of holiday inspired stories that would even fill Scrooge with the Christmas spirit. Anna D. Allen, Hannah Meredith, Kate Parker and Louise Cornell made the Regency a fresh and exciting adventure. Anna D. … Continue reading Christmas Revels: A Regency Christmas Anthology

The Phone Call

Even after years of writing and being a part of some really great writers groups, I find myself dealing with insecurities. I finished my novel and sent out queries and heard from a publisher and an agent. It made me giddy. I sent copies of my story to a few friends with incredible encouragement but their is still that concern, is it good enough? When … Continue reading The Phone Call


Fear can hold you hostage, keep you imprisoned. I have been afraid to share my writing. My best friends: my almost sister and my almost charming husband along with my father-in-law and sister-in-law have pushed, pulled and prodded me to do something with my writing besides hiding it under the bed. I started writing when I was ten years old. I read Dave Barry’s interview … Continue reading Afraid