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Unmasking Our Truth

“if you feel uncomfortable when you read my poetry, you should because I felt uncomfortable when I wrote it.” Continue reading Unmasking Our Truth

Five Ways to Escalate – Savage Reads

Ratcheting up the tension will make your novel a page turner. Photo by Ruslan Alekso on We’ve talked about the importance of tension before and I offered examples from my work. I think tension is vital to a great story, regardless of genre. The book I’m reading, Story Trumps Structure by Steven James, highlights… — Read on Continue reading Five Ways to Escalate – Savage Reads

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Starting in Medias Res

If I start reading and a character is being shot at or chased, I’m interested to see what happens next. BUT…I also enjoy getting to know a character a bit before they’re thrown into the pot of boiling water. The rom coms where we see a little bit of normal life before everything goes haywire, or the cozy mystery that starts with what appears to be just an average day in the life of the sleuth or the accused. Continue reading Starting in Medias Res

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Welcome Sweet September!

Well, I have done it again. I have allowed myself to get so busy that I am running around chasing my tail. You would think after taking the HB 90 Bootcamp and following Sarra Cannon’s Heartbreathing YouTube channel that I would understand the perils of burning myself out, but I guess for me it seems to be feast or famine. For a few months I … Continue reading Welcome Sweet September!