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Crazy Rich Asians

By Kevin Kwan, Narrated by Lynn Chen I cannot believe this is Kevin Kwan’s debut novel, it’s fantastic. It is like Mean Girl meets Clueless with a little My Big Fat Greek Wedding but in Chinese. There were times when I wanted to take a few of the characters out for a long walk on a short pier but the main characters, Rachel Chu and … Continue reading Crazy Rich Asians

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I Believe in Romance & Happy Endings

Romance is more than two people coming together for a night, it’s about giving someone what they need to be the best they can be for a lifetime. I believe in romance and happy endings. Sometimes you have to cry a lot of tears before you get there but I do believe. My husband and I recently celebrated 29 years married and this month makes … Continue reading I Believe in Romance & Happy Endings

Sweet and Awkward Romantic Comedy

Needing romantic comedy more and more in my life right now with everything going on in the world, I turned to Avery Flynn’s Awk-weird. This delightful story of misfits who find their place and create a family is more than a romance, it’s about friendship and teammates, and yes, it’s about finding that one person who completes you. When Tess Gardner ends up a wallflower … Continue reading Sweet and Awkward Romantic Comedy

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Elite Seductress Spy

Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews, Narrated by Jeremy Bobb Dominika Egorova must fight for her independence and salvation against the iron fist of the Russian bureaucracy when her dreams of being a ballerina are thwarted and she finds herself at the mercy of her uncle’s machinations. Forced to become a Sparrow, one of the elite seductress spies, Dominika is sent to discover a mole. Pitted … Continue reading Elite Seductress Spy

Sherri Lupton Hollister – Rebellion Lit

Hello Readers and Writers! Today we would like to introduce you to an author who combines genres to get everything she wants from her stories. Starting out categorizing her writing as Romance, this author began to understand how much she loved Suspense. This shaped her writing, and gave us a series already grown to 5 t — Read on Continue reading Sherri Lupton Hollister – Rebellion Lit