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Last Day of Sale

Only one day left to get the Harrell Family Chronicles for the low price of $1.99 each! You can purchase the ebooks directly from my website or from your favorite ebook retailer.

Remy’s Dilemma

Trent’s Melody

Roxy’s Betrayal

Janie’s Secret

Willow’s Retreat

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What ‘s the Deal with Toothbrushes?

Why is it so difficult to find the right toothbrush?

I was brushing my teeth this morning and I was aggravated that I didn’t have the same kind of toothbrush I’d bought before. I don’t remember what kind I had but I liked it. This one is only big enough to do one tooth at a time. That’s great if you only have one tooth left, but I’m still in possession of most of my pearly whites. I don’t want to spend hours brushing one tooth at a time.

Why do they make finding the right toothbrush so difficult? I went shopping for a new toothbrush not long ago. There were thousands of them, and I couldn’t pick out the one kind I liked from the multitude. I’m sorry but half of them look like the kind I like and the other half I know I hate and I leave not buying any of them. The one I’m using was actually given to me in my Christmas stuff or maybe it came from the dentist, either way, it was free and it was time to retire the other one. I mean, it was losing more bristles every time I brushed. I was having to pick fibers out of my teeth with a pick. That was fun.

I like a soft brush. I brush my teeth at least twice a day and I have sensitive teeth and gums, so I don’t want a wire brush scraping across sensitive flesh and precious enamel. Heck, I’m trying to keep my teeth not erode them away faster. Who would need a hard toothbrush? What are they scraping off that they have to have something hard enough to scar the flesh and rip groves in their dentures? What have they been eating? Maybe they should change their diet? I don’t know. My teeth hurt just thinking about it.

It is believed the Chinese invented the first natural bristle toothbrush in the 1400s using pigs’ hair and bone or bamboo for the handles. Europeans adopted this design but decided horsehair and wood was a better choice. At least it was Kosher. Before you start freaking out over the ancient toothbrushes, think about the toothpastes used. The Ancients used a variety of things to whiten their teeth and freshen breath but not all of them are things I’d want to put in my mouth. Egyptians were thought to use ground ox hooves’ ashes, burnt eggshells, and pumice…I bet those teeth didn’t last long. The Chinese used ginseng, mints and salts, I might be able to handle that, but the Greeks and Romans had a paste of crushed bones, oyster shells, charcoal and tree bark…yum. Our modern toothpaste is often filled with sugar, and I have to wonder if the better tasting stuff isn’t sending us back to the dentist. Is that a conspiracy? Maybe I should save my bones and eggshells and make my own? Just one of my random thoughts…sometimes it’s not safe to be inside my head.

So whether you use a hard or soft bristle brush, nylon fibers or natural, and whatever your choice of tooth polish, I hope this gave you a reason to smile.

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What is Your Summertime Favorite?

It’s hot and going to get hotter as summer has finally hit eastern North Carolina with a hot and humid vengeance. Though I had to work yesterday, our community celebrated Fossil Festival. The festival is usually held the weekend of Memorial Day but due to high winds it was postponed to this weekend. I missed it, again. I took off the weekend of Memorial Day to finally have a chance to enjoy the festival again but things did not work out well. Do you enjoy going to summer festivals? We have several local festivals and I used to try to go to a couple each year but with work and age, I’ve gone to less and less of them. My son made sure I got to enjoy one part of the festival, he brought me a funnel cake. Do you love fair and festival food? What do you look forward to getting when you go to a festival or fair?

One festival I remember going to had ice cold watermelon you could buy by the slice. It was so cold and sweet and refreshing after a day of wandering through booths and playing games. What is one of your favorite summertime treats? Do you eat salt on your watermelon?

When I lived in Louisiana, I went to a strawberry festival and had a daiquiri right on the street. That wouldn’t have happened back in North Carolina, at least not then. I love a frozen drink in the summer whether it’s a slushy from the convenience store or a frozen tropical adult beverage, summertime is just made for frozen drinks. Do you have a favorite frozen drink?

When I was a kid we used to make Pepsi floats. When I’d go to wedding or baby showers they had sherbert punch with ginger ale and pineapple juice. I loved that stuff. When I married my husband, we started drinking root beer floats. I still love a good ice cream or sherbert float, milk shake or a blizzard. Do you have a favorite?

The trick to making a really good ice cream float is to put a little soda in your glass before you add your ice cream or sherbert. Float your ice cream on top of your soda, add a little more soda and another scoop of ice cream, repeat until glass is almost full. Top with soda and whipped cream. I think I need to run to the store for ice cream.

Daquiris are best when made from fresh fruit but put your fruit in the freezer for a couple of hours, add fruit into blender until nearly full, add two to three shots of rum, make a lime sugar water with juice from one lime, 1/4 cup of sugar (or less) add two cups of warm water to dilute sugar. If fruit isn’t completely frozen add ice and less water.

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Truth in Fiction

For many of us who write fiction, at least I know this is true of myself and some of my writing friends, we broach subjects with our fiction that might not be easily discussed in real life. I can write about a character’s difficulties following her rape from her self-medicating to her pushing others away, but only a therapist or close friend could discuss this touchy subject with a real person. Showing a character going through something so heartbreaking and difficult allows the reader and writer to empathize.

With fiction we can allow a reader and even the writers ourselves to live for a bit in the skin of a person who is hurting so we might better understand those around us who are also hurting. I’m not saying all fiction is therapy or designed to enlighten. Fiction is first and foremost written to entertain, but within our entertainment if we can also learn something or experience something, that is an added bonus.

When I think about some of the books that have touched my soul and left their mark. I’m reminded that not everyone reads the same way I do. Some people simply read a book and move on, but others absorb a book until it becomes a part of them. John Hart’s book The Last Child left me feeling raw and vulnerable. It was one of those books that even years after reading it, I still remember parts of the story, and the main character, thirteen-year-old Johnny Merrimon.

Have you ever read a book that affected you strongly? I’d love to hear about it. Share some of your favorites or most memorable books and I’ll share some of mine.

The Truth about Lord Stoneville by Sabrina Jeffries

The Demon Duke by Margaret Locke

The Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer

Blake Crouch’s Good Behavior and Pines

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My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things:

I love the holidays from Halloween to Valentine’s Day this time of year is just so full of wonder and joy. I don’t remember ever decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving when I was a kid, but Christmas the whole house got a makeover. From the doilies on the tables, the candles, and of course the tree, everything was dressed up for Christmas.

When my own children came along, we decorated with handmade ornaments. I often did a themed Christmas with all the decorations matching that year’s theme from a Native American Christmas tree where I cut my fingers carving tiny fetishes, to a Toys Christmas tree where we even hung some of the kids’ toys on the tree.

As the boys got older, they cared less and less about decorating the tree with me. It’s one of the saddest things decorating a Christmas tree by yourself. I love the movies where families get together to decorate but I guess I didn’t instill that love in my kids. Was I too much a perfectionist? I constantly move ornaments when I think they don’t look just right even when I place them on the tree myself. Did I hurt feelings or are they just not that interested? Whatever the reason, more and more I found myself decorating alone. I’ve learned to make the most of it. Put on a Christmas audiobook, usually a romance, and fix myself a drink whether it’s an adult beverage or something tamer, this year it was an iced Chai tea latte made with cinnamon creamer. The trick to making an iced Chai tea latte is getting the tea strong enough to withstand the ice and of course letting it cool.

My tree is not as themed as it once was. It is mostly red and white with a lot of penguins. Why I like penguins I’m not sure, but they make me smile. I also have a couple of Minions. They make me smile too. I have a few homemade ornaments from friends and family. Ornaments I’ve bought from the craft fair and special ornaments I’ve collected over the years or received as gifts. Having lost all of our old ornaments in the house fire, it’s bittersweet to remember those ornaments. My son’s college ornament, my other son’s Army ornament, ornaments to represent each of the children, some with photos, ornaments made by loving hands of those no longer with us, none of the ornaments were expensive but they were priceless. I am thankful for the memories and the love that went into them.

One of my favorite memories and one that makes my heart swell every year is when my husband hangs my Christmas lights. He’s not big on decorating for the holidays but he knows how much I love it and he does that for me. Coming home from work and seeing the snowflake lights on my porch and occasionally he’ll put out other yard decorations, it fills me with the spirit of Christmas like nothing else can.

What are some of your favorite holidays or celebrations? Do you have a favorite part? Do you decorate? Share some of your favorite things.

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Loyalty and Service

Product Loyalty and Customer Service

I grew up in an era where customer loyalty and customer service actually meant something. There was product reliability and people would actually go to battle over whose vehicle or soda was best. A Ford man was always a Ford man, and a Chevy guy wouldn’t be caught dead even riding in a Ford. Coke and Pepsi drinkers only came together when they had to battle Mountain Dew drinkers and Dr Pepper fanatics, and we won’t even talk about Sprite and 7-Up.

But now cars and trucks all look the same, they get their parts from China and Mexico. Half of their parts are interchangeable, and they all look like my grandkids created them out of Legos. I couldn’t tell you which one is Ford, and which is Chevy and I drive a KIA.

If, heaven forbid you have a problem with anything from your air fryer to your internet, you can’t call anyone and ask for help, you get an automated response or an advance technology operator, but no humans, sorry. Oh, and what you need, isn’t on their menu list.

I recently made the mistake of calling Century Link to ask about my bill. There were somethings on there I didn’t understand and while I was actually talking to a human, a rare occurrence, I wanted to see about lowering my bill. I was informed that I couldn’t lower my bill. That was confusing. I mean, I had extra stuff added because my husband was on call for years with Highway Patrol and now that he’s off rotation we don’t need all those bells and whistles, plus I’d added stuff when my son was overseas so I could make overseas calls and…what did he mean, I couldn’t lower my bill? I wasn’t under contract. I’d had this account for eleven years. I’d had this phone number for nearly thirty years. I have been a customer for almost forty years and what, nothing. Not, I’m sorry ma’am but if we lower your bill, you’ll lose blah*blah* and blah. No, nothing. I said, okay, thank you, I’ll have to check with Spectrum, and they said, okay. They didn’t want to keep a customer who really didn’t want to leave but was just trying to get their bill down to a reasonable amount. They didn’t care. Heck, he could have offered me $10 off and I’d have stayed. Just because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of changing but no, that’s not what happened.

So, I called Spectrum and set things up for August 3rd, my next day off that wasn’t planned and the nice young woman I spoke to said not to call Century Link myself or they might turn things off too soon and we might lose the chance to keep the number. Two days later, July 22nd, I lost my internet. I didn’t think it’d been cut off. No. I thought the internet was down. They have been working on light poles and stuff around town and I just thought they’d done something to the internet. In fact, my husband asked if we’d had internet at work. I did but that means little it could have been a different leg like the electricity. I called. I get a robo operator. The menu items listed are not ‘is your internet out’, but there was one for repair. I punched that one. And I looped around about a dozen times with Mr. Robo Operator because they can’t just answer your questions, they send your around in circles. I ended up in billing. I didn’t owe anything but I’d paid with check so they may not have received it yet. Then they couldn’t accept my request, then they finally agreed to text me on my cell phone. By that time, I was exhausted and went to bed.

The next morning started out the same way until the technician finally started texting me and he discovered I’d been disconnected. He agreed to get me reconnected and I thought by Monday we should be back online. Not a problem. Nope. We didn’t get put back on Monday. Now, they did not have to come out and disconnect anything. They did it all from the comfort of their office but when my husband got home Monday in time to call, he found out the earliest they could reconnect us was August 1st. We are changing to Spectrum August 3rd. Yeah, we’re really happy with Century Link now.

You know, I remember Ma Bell, when my aunt was a telephone operator in New Bern. I even picketed with her once back when I was a teenager. When they were planning to go automated. There was a time when you place a phone call and someone, a real someone would help you patch it through across the world. They were there if you picked up the phone and asked for help. What happened to us? Are we more interested in getting it faster with automation or having that caring person on the line? Isn’t it possible to have a little of both? When did companies quit caring about their customers? It’s like they’ve become too big to care about the little guy down here.

Maybe I’m old school, I believe in loyalty and service. We should do our best to give a good product and good service whether we are authors or janitors, a car dealership or an internet provider. You treat your customers like they matter, like you want their business. Everyone who comes into your store or to your website or calls on the phone should be treated as guests…at least that’s the way I was trained. I don’t think it’s the same anymore. I hope my readers know how much they are appreciated and respected, that I do nothing to make them feel they are not wanted. While every product isn’t for everyone, I’ll always be a Pepsi drinker and I will always love a Ford Mustang, we can always be kind even as we decline to do business together.

Rant over. Maybe I’ll have better news soon. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share your customer experiences both good and bad. One good thing came of this, I learned how to use my hotspot on my cell phone. There’s always a bright side to everything.

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Stasia Mars at Creekside Cafe

Today I’d like to welcome romance writer, Stasia Mars to Creekside Café. Welcome Stasia.

The café is my fantasy coffee shop/bar. What can I get you to drink? I’m usually a coffee drinker but North Carolina is once again experiencing a heat wave, so I think I’ll have a lemonade with a little something-something to give it a little kick. I really like my bourbon.

Stasia: Thank you so much for having me, Sherri! We too have been having a bit of a heat wave here in Maryland. I love coffee as well, but right now I would love a good spicy margarita. Huge fan of tequila.

Sherri: I can’t drink tequila it makes my face go numb. I figure my brain can’t be far behind. It’s good to have you here even if it’s only through the magic of the internet.

Stasia and I are part of a Facebook group for authors, and I invited her to visit me here at my author café.

You are from right up the coast from me. I live on the Innerbanks of eastern North Carolina.

Stasia: Yes, east coast living! I too live pretty close to the water. It’s a place called Kent Island along the Chesapeake Bay and Chester River in Maryland. The bay is right at the end of my street where you can see the Bay Bridge. We’ve been living here for four years and absolutely love it.

Sherri: It sounds lovely.

You’re a stay-at-home mom with three children and several rescue pets. Are any of the children in school? When do you find time to write? I remember when my boys were at home, and it was a juggle between ball, scouts, school and church to find a few minutes to myself. How do you manage it all?

Stasia: Right now, my kids are seven, five, and three. Violet will be going into second grade, Simone will be going to kindergarten, and Quinn will be going into Pre-K part time. So still not all of them will be in school full-time next year, but close! It is quite a struggle to find time for myself and for my writing. I just have to let some things go like laundry and dishes to get some time in, but I am fortunate enough to have a very supportive husband. He helps where and when he can.

Sherri: It’s great to have your husband’s support. Mine always made sure I had a few minutes for myself and encouraged me to write. I forget that not everyone has that luxury. We are blessed.

You have a steamy series, Men of the Mafia. Tell us about your series. What kind of mafia? Are they all part of the same gang?

Stasia: My Men of the Mafia series are books that can each be read as a standalone or in any order. All of the men are from different families and places, but some of them do interact with one another in their books. Some of the ladies even become close friends!

Sherri: What is the appeal of the mafia and these dangerous men?

Stasia: These men are what you would call alphaholes. They’re pure alphas and can be quite brute, but they would do anything for their women. Like…kill. And even be killed. They have the power and money to do anything and give them anything. And when they love, they love hard and for life.

Sherri: How many books in your series? Do you have a favorite book, character or couple? What makes them a fav?

Stasia: As of right now, it will be six books in the series. I started out with Irma and Alejo’s story because they are a personal favorite of mine. I love Irma and her fierceness and how she came from nothing. She struggled to take care of herself most of her life and had never needed anyone. Alejo had the luxury of growing up with a loving family. His father was a mob boss but knew the balance of being a boss and a father. The chemistry between the two is undeniable. This book has a lot of action as well which in my opinion makes it so much more adventurous and fun to read.

Sherri: What comes next? Have you plans for a new series or more of the mafia?

Stasia: After the second book in the Men of the Mafia comes out, I plan to work on releasing the first book to my next series which will be the Women of the Mafia. Showcasing women who come born and bred to one day rule. This will not be a spin-off. It will feature brand new characters.

Sherri: Who do you like to read? Who are some of your favorite authors or who are you currently reading?

Stasia: I love Sam Mariano. Do you have that one book that you still think about even years after reading it? That’s what she did for me with her Moretti Family series. It’s what started my love of mafia romance. She also introduced me to dark romance, and I haven’t looked back since. I owe a lot to her writing and inspiring me. Currently I am reading Black Beard by Angus Konstam. A book I found on clearance and decided to take a short break from reading romance and read about some legendary pirates.

Sherri: Ah, Black Beard is legendary here in North Carolina. If you need any other reference material, I have a list.

Did you self-publish, or did you go the traditional route?

Stasia: I decided to go with self-publishing because I was too anxious to get my books out. I have over twenty books written, and I don’t always do well with waiting around for something to happen.

Sherri: I always wanted to be traditionally published but now that I’ve self-published I can’t relinquish control.

What do you wish you’d known prior to publishing? What will you do differently with your next book?

Stasia: I plan to self-publish my next book, but I am also working on a query letter to send out to literary agents in hopes of going the traditional publishing route. If I would have known how hard it was to self-publish, I think I would have found some patience within myself to wait on finding an agent.

Sherri: Self-publishing is a lot of work. What would you tell someone who is just beginning to write seriously?

Stasia: To not give up. Ever. If writing is your passion, go for it. It’s okay if it takes you years to complete a novel. You completed a novel which most people cannot say. Join social media groups and don’t be afraid to reach out asking for advice. And you don’t need to publish your work to consider yourself a writer.

Sherri: What is your dream for your writing career?

Stasia: To make a career out of it. To be able to make enough money so that my husband can do what he loves as well. I am so blessed to have a supportive husband that is helping me follow my dreams and I would love to do the same for him someday. Also, I would love to be able to help other aspiring authors. To be that successful author that others look up to. I would love to be influential enough to help other authors become more successful.

Sherri: Tell us 10 fun facts about you. What makes you unique?

Stasia: Hmm…ten fun facts. Okay, here it goes.

If I had an entrance song it would be Enter Sandman by Metallica.

I don’t eat the ends of my food and usually pick the corners off. It ends up looking like a rodent got a hold of my food (what my husband likes to say).

Along with my three rescue dogs and one rescue kitten, I have two rescue rats.

I am five feet tall.

My favorite animal is an armadillo.

I like making different covers for my laptop with fun stickers from Etsy.

My favorite writing tool is my rocketbooks! I can write as much down and make as many notes as I want without wasting paper.

I love shopping for clothes and shoes on Ebay.

I have a camper which I absolutely love taking on camping trips with my husband, my children, and my dogs which happens to also be my favorite atmosphere to write in.

And last but not least, my husband is going to be on HGTV with his brother renovating a beach house in Kitty Hawk, NC!

Sherri: Okay, I think I’m in love! My last book, Trent’s Melody has a renovation as part of the romance. My favorite thing to do with my kids was camping (we tent camped) and I love Kitty Hawk and Hatteras. I used to live in Texas, so I adore armadillos. I think we’d get along great!

When a reader finishes your books, what do you want them to say or feel?

Stasia: I want them to want more! I don’t want readers to just love my stories, I want them to enjoy my writing in general. I’ve had a few readers reach out to me on social media telling me how much they enjoyed my book, and it was such a great feeling. I cannot wait to be someone’s favorite author someday!

Sherri: What is the overall theme of your books?

Stasia: So, right now I am focused on the mafia books I have written. It’s honestly the most fun for me to write because they’re untouchable. They pretty much have the power to do whatever they want. They do not abide by the law and have little morals. But eventually you will see more from me and the wide range of romance that I write. Most of it teeters on the line of dark romance, and some are undoubtedly dark. But overall, romantic!

Sherri: Thank you, Stasia for joining me at my virtual café. If I ever win the lottery, I’d like to do this for real. I am so glad you stopped by, and I do look forward to hearing from you again.

Stay tuned, Stasia will be launching her new book very soon and we’ll be doing a cover reveal right here!

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Release Day Tomorrow

Trent’s Melody eBook goes live tomorrow. I enjoyed writing this story and discovering who Trent and Melodie are. They both have broken pieces and a shared past. It took several years for them to find the courage to try again but together they are stronger than they are alone. Seeing the beauty of two people coming together and finding their strengths and allowing their person to help them through their weaknesses, that is romance whether in a book, movie or real life.

I have been blessed to find my person. That one person in the world who makes me stronger and helps me be me. I don’t have to pretend when I’m with my husband, he sees the real me and still likes me and I like him. It’s not enough I think to just love and desire each other, though I think that’s a big part of life and romance but sharing a connection that runs deeper. This weekend, I spent time with a couple who really brought out the best in each other. They balanced one another. He taught her to play, and have fun, she showed him that being serious wasn’t boring. Like the fictional couples we adore, sometimes opposites attract but their also has to be a key element that links them together. For my friends and my husband, it is a generosity of spirit, an innate kindness.

In Trent’s Melody, Trent is vulnerable but still strong. He is kind but often tries to hide it. He is afraid to love and open himself up to hurt but along the way he knows, he’s not happy alone so why not take a chance? Life is about taking chances, doing things that scare us. That’s what shows us were alive. I drove down a mountain, climbed a tower, and am scheduled to do some public speaking (my real fear.) I continue to push myself and my characters into uncomfortable situations because I want to continue to grow and learn.

I hope you will read Trent’s Melody and I hope you enjoy it as much I love writing it. The print book is available through Amazon. I have signed copies available upon request. Ebooks are available at most retail locations online and through many libraries. If you have trouble finding any of my books, just contact me and I’ll help you out. Thank you again for being a part of my author journey and taking a chance on me.

What the readers are saying…

Funny, sexy, heart-wrenching, and exciting! K B Davenport

In the latest entry in the Harrell Family Chronicles series, Hollister’s signature thrills, romance, and slice-of-life drama are ever-present. Trent’s Melody is at turns funny, sexy, heart-wrenching, and exciting. Main characters Trent and Melodie are facing down a complicated history. With so much guilt and regret behind them, they struggle to find the good in each other and in themselves.

As always, Hollister manages to provide deeply human drama with peppered comedic relief. There are lots of steamy, romantic moments as well. I really enjoyed the reality series element, as I’m a big fan of home renovation shows. It also gives the characters some interesting stakes beyond their relationships.

The familiar faces from Hollister’s other books in the Harrell Family Chronicles series are nice to see. There’s a sense of family and community in this series that reminds me of my hometown and all the antics that come with it. Fans of suspense and spicy romance will love Trent’s Melody!

Brenda Mayo Jones says…

This book will grab you from the beginning!  You get to meet Trent and Melodie who had a past.  A past that includes death, music and hometown renovations!  You find out how people can put their past behind them and rekindle their love on an entirely new level.  One that is more mature.  As with most of her books, there is romance, intrigue, a stalker and a couple coming to terms with their differences and learning how to make the best of each other come out in the end!  Wonderful story with everything you enjoy in a suspense and romance book all rolled into one!

Marni Graff calls it a compulsive read!

New thrills and chills w/body heat: betrayal takes a back seat to a stalker bent on revenge, when a reno competition brings singer/songwriter Trent back into writer Melodie’s life. But what if her heart and body send a different message? A compulsive read 

Trent’s Melody is $2.99 but all the others are on sale for 99c through May 31st!

Trent’s Melody

Christmas Inn at Teach’s Island

Roxy’s Betrayal

Janie’s Secret

Willow’s Retreat

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Trent’s Melody

Cover Reveal and Book Blog Tour

Cover Reveal Friday, May 6th on Instagram and Facebook (and Twitter, too!) with Bed and Books, Promos. Follow Bed and Books on Instagram

From drunk on a plane to falling in love in paradise, Trent sang his way into Melodie’s heart. But when the couple is accused of being the cause of her former fiancé’s death, Trent leaves her to handle things on her own. Melodie Henries will never trust Trent Harrell not to bail when things get hard.

A singer/songwriter down on his luck and a novelist, their romance should harmonize but past mistakes pluck a wrong note.

When the two agree to do a battle-of-the-sexes renovation competition, more than their romance flames to life as they become the target of a stalker bent on revenge.

Can they change the tune of an old song, or will their melody fall flat?

Left broken and disillusioned by one reality show, why would Trent ever agree to do another? But given the chance to make things up to the girl he betrayed, Trent Harrell would do anything, even agree to star in a renovation reality show competition.

Trent’s leaving nearly destroyed her, but Melodie Henries refuses to let him do it again. She’s doing the show to promote her books, not rekindle an old flame.

When a stalker blames them for the death of Trent’s former bandmate and Melodie’s former fiancé, the couple must delve into the past for clues. Can they discover the threat in time?

Book Blog Tour May 26th through 28th. If you would like to participate the sign-up form is in the link above.