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Check out my latest book, Janie’s Secrets, the second in the Harrell Family Chronicles!

Janie Harrell is the smart sister, but she hides behind the safety of her family afraid to take a chance. One mistake has left her crippled with guilt.

Mike McKenzie is beginning to doubt he is qualified to be Leeward’s chief of Police. At twenty-eight he barely has the qualifications to be chief and is overwhelmed with all that has happened in his town.

When the two of them attend conferences at the same hotel, they give in to the simmering desire that’s been brewing between them. But second chances often come at a high price…when family secrets come to light, Janie and Mike may find themselves shattered by the truth.

Murder, blackmail, kidnapping and secrets heat up this family drama.

Fire purifies. Fire destroys. But fire also allows for new beginnings.

The New Year comes in with a bang for the town of Leeward when a series of explosions uncovers dark secrets that rock the town to its foundation. Dead bodies dating back decades can be linked to a present-day serial rapist and the lengths a powerful family are willing to go to cover the evidence.

For firefighter Billy Grimes, it all becomes personal. One dead firefighter, two missing women, fires, explosions, motorcycle gangs and clues to a cold case that resulted in his mother’s murder. Who will be the next to pay the price? He can’t protect everyone he cares about but he can try.

Reporter Tracy Harrell is in the right place at the right time for the story that could launch her career, if it doesn’t kill her. This case will test her drive to be a real reporter as it pits her against firefighter Billy Grimes and his law enforcement pals. Who will come out on top? Well, sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.

The Leeward Files joins forces with a new series, The Harrell Family Chronicles in this suspense-thriller, Red Steel. Adult language, situations, explicit sex, strong romantic elements and murder.

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