Flash Fiction for Cancer

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With Beaufort County Relay for Life coming up on June 16th, I thought I’d add a little flash fiction or prose poetry from the Pamlico Writers’ fifty word challenge. My friend Kay Wilson wrote a piece for the challenge and I wrote a companion piece. This is for all of the survivors of breast cancer. God bless you.


She wore not a stitch,

The feel of the sand abrasive to her wrinkled skin

Passersby gawked but she paid them no mind

Alive to the rhythm of the ocean

The waves lulled her to a place of rest

Here, cancer didn’t exist

It was gone with her breast.



Fear or Love



The four letter word that gives rise to tyrants


And bigots



Our excuse for prejudice


And anger

Persecution of our neighbors



builds walls


and slums

Shackles the masses and silences our voices



Crowns kings

Starts wars

Ruins lives

Reasons injustice, murder and slavery


Is it better to be feared or loved?



Gives rise to faith


And peace



Tears down walls

Opens doors

Frees us from our prison


Love your neighbor

Pray for peace

Be courageous

Strong and free


Fear has no strength when we stand and fight

Fear has no hold when free men unite!





Peace on Earth


“Let there be peace on earth…”
There doesn’t seem to be much peace this year, the news is full of anger and fear, police brutality, terrorists and hate, crime is on the rise. Everyone shouting and screaming about the color of a cup or the words we use to greet each other. All the while children are being killed in their class rooms and shot in the streets.
As the bells jiggle and the lights twinkle children huddle in the cold, hungry and old before their time. Happy holidays, good cheer, would you like fries with that? Close the borders, close your eyes, don’t let the truth disturb the lies. Live and let live as long as we don’t disagree. Martyrs and fanatics, Christians, Muslims and Jews, straight, gay and all the way. Why can’t we all just get along?
My heart is heavy as children cry, old people left alone to die. Hate abounds, fragile glass of hope it drowns. Christmas star shine your light, we need your Peace on Earth tonight. Little Christ child in the hay, bring your love to me this day. The world can’t change unless we do, let the change begin with you. Peace on earth, the song we sing, let the bells of freedom ring. Be the change you want to see. Hope and faith and love are free, priceless their value to humanity. Gold and silver and silicone, the greatest of these is love.

When I tell you “You are beautiful”


Winter's end in Aurora 034When I tell you “You are beautiful”
It is not the brilliance of your smile
Or the color of your eyes
It is not your physique
Or your sexy new style
It is the substance inside that makes you so
Your strength, your courage, your wisdom.
The most beautiful people are not the bodies of perfection
Plastered on billboards and on covers of magazines
It is the beauty of those who can smile
when they have every reason to cry
Their faces are filled with laugh lines
Eyes that mirror the perils of their journey
The young woman who brings food to a homeless vet
A friend who reaches silently for your hand offering quiet courage
True beauty is not simply youthful innocence
Though it is precious with promise
Real beauty takes time to perfect
The maturity of honor
Joy of experience
When I tell you “You are beautiful.”
You have earned that glorious epitaph
A life well lived
Shared with love.

Gift of the Season


PWG Christmas Party

PWG Christmas Party

Simeon rejoiced in the temple grand
God’s promise was fulfilled
As his weary gaze fell on the tiny babe
He knew the Messiah had come.
Mary and Joseph came that day
To make their sacrifice
He took the child into his arms
Holding him aloft
The Gift of God with us.

Chaos all around us
No peace on earth is found
Wars and strife and heartache
The world is spinning round.
Let not your heart be troubled
Find joy in little things
Let the wonder of the season
Renewal of hope it brings.

Changes by: Mom


This was written for my son Jason just after his first deployment. This week is his birthday and I thought I’d post this poem. I love you Jay-bird.

Winter, spring, summer and autumn
Leafless trees to flowering bud
New birth, new growth
Fresh flowers.
Spring showers
Every thing is new
Once more
Little boys flying kites
Sailing boats
And swinging high
Grow to be young men
Men of Valor
Men of Honor
Leaves of autumn
Leaves of fall
Changing colors
Dancing in the wind
Like the seasons
Life circles around
All is new again.

What a Difference by Sherri L. Hollister


What a difference a minute makes
You were here laughing at my jokes
Brown eyes flashing with mirth
Your smile bright, wit sharp

Days pass, years—friendship entwines like kudzu vines
Growing up out of the weeds and scattered seeds
Clinging to the hallowed halls of haunted ruins
Year book memories and elusive dreams.

What a difference a day makes
You were here new grandma
Holding tight to a tiny hand
Wrapped in smiles and lullabyes

Days pass, years—love, like sunshine warm on your skin
Church bells, wedding bells, for whom the bell tolls
Skin knees, climbing trees, does he love me—yes or no
Photo graphs, silly love songs, call me on the phone.

What a difference a year makes
You were here, now you’re gone
How are we to carry on
We didn’t even get to say good bye

Days pass, years—life like a tapestry
Each thread woven with silken threads
Pain, strife, hard work and worry
Joy, strength, beauty and blessing.

What a difference a life makes
You were here.

Laughter is my Night Light


Do not judge me because I laugh too much or too loud
Do not think I know not pain
You do not know the tears I hide
My jokes & jests are just so much camouflage.
I CHOOSE to be the happy clown
For one caustic tear like acid waste will erode this dammed wall—
And teardrops shored will then flood my soul.
You know not my fear, my guilt, my shame
The mistakes I’ve made the choices that blame
The monsters hiding beneath my bed
Those who call my name
The demons whose taunts linger in my head
screaming, clawing, accusing, condemning my soul.
The laughter chases back the night
Shoves my tormentors back into our shadowy corner of Hell—
They wait…straining at the edge of the light
Biding their time
Seeking the moment when they can sink their steely fangs into my fragile flesh
and devour my Peace.
They will not consume me.
I choose to be happy
I choose to be free
They will not enslave me
I will NOT give the monster succor!
They will not reign over me…Master supreme.
For I am the Captain of my destiny
Mistress of my soul
I shall not go quietly into the darkness
I will sing, I will dance, I shall give my words wings
For Laughter is the Night Light that keeps the darkness at bay.