Flash Fiction for Cancer

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With Beaufort County Relay for Life coming up on June 16th, I thought I’d add a little flash fiction or prose poetry from the Pamlico Writers’ fifty word challenge. My friend Kay Wilson wrote a piece for the challenge and I wrote a companion piece. This is for all of the survivors of breast cancer. God bless you.


She wore not a stitch,

The feel of the sand abrasive to her wrinkled skin

Passersby gawked but she paid them no mind

Alive to the rhythm of the ocean

The waves lulled her to a place of rest

Here, cancer didn’t exist

It was gone with her breast.



Changes by: Mom


This was written for my son Jason just after his first deployment. This week is his birthday and I thought I’d post this poem. I love you Jay-bird.

Winter, spring, summer and autumn
Leafless trees to flowering bud
New birth, new growth
Fresh flowers.
Spring showers
Every thing is new
Once more
Little boys flying kites
Sailing boats
And swinging high
Grow to be young men
Men of Valor
Men of Honor
Leaves of autumn
Leaves of fall
Changing colors
Dancing in the wind
Like the seasons
Life circles around
All is new again.

What a Difference by Sherri L. Hollister


What a difference a minute makes
You were here laughing at my jokes
Brown eyes flashing with mirth
Your smile bright, wit sharp

Days pass, years—friendship entwines like kudzu vines
Growing up out of the weeds and scattered seeds
Clinging to the hallowed halls of haunted ruins
Year book memories and elusive dreams.

What a difference a day makes
You were here new grandma
Holding tight to a tiny hand
Wrapped in smiles and lullabyes

Days pass, years—love, like sunshine warm on your skin
Church bells, wedding bells, for whom the bell tolls
Skin knees, climbing trees, does he love me—yes or no
Photo graphs, silly love songs, call me on the phone.

What a difference a year makes
You were here, now you’re gone
How are we to carry on
We didn’t even get to say good bye

Days pass, years—life like a tapestry
Each thread woven with silken threads
Pain, strife, hard work and worry
Joy, strength, beauty and blessing.

What a difference a life makes
You were here.