Electric Guitars and The Blues

The Pamlico Writers’ Group hosts a monthly, one-thousand word challenge. The month of April, the picture was donated by photographer, Tammy Cooper, a night over the water, drenched in blue. I enjoy attempting to write a story to match the pictures. For me, the challenge offers an opportunity to experiment with my writing. This story is a play on words, using poetry to help me … Continue reading Electric Guitars and The Blues

Changes by: Mom

This was written for my son Jason just after his first deployment. This week is his birthday and I thought I’d post this poem. I love you Jay-bird. Winter, spring, summer and autumn Leafless trees to flowering bud New birth, new growth Fresh flowers. Spring showers Every thing is new Once more Little boys flying kites Sailing boats And swinging high Grow to be young … Continue reading Changes by: Mom

What a Difference by Sherri L. Hollister

What a difference a minute makes You were here laughing at my jokes Brown eyes flashing with mirth Your smile bright, wit sharp Days pass, years—friendship entwines like kudzu vines Growing up out of the weeds and scattered seeds Clinging to the hallowed halls of haunted ruins Year book memories and elusive dreams. What a difference a day makes You were here new grandma Holding … Continue reading What a Difference by Sherri L. Hollister