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Where does the music take you?

During this time of upheaval music is a balm for the soul. I find myself singing old gospel songs to comfort myself. Weird songs pop into my head and strange moments. This has always been a problem for me, it’s like I have my own playlist in the background of my life.

Has anyone seen the new television show “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist?” I’ve not seen it yet but often think, this could be my life. As a kid, and even as an adult, it was not unusual to be talking to someone and their words, or even my own, would trigger a musical response. I have a couple of daughters-in-law who understand this and can even have conversations laced with songs.

Music has always been a large part of my life. I sang in church as a little girl. I was the loudest, not necessarily the best one in the crowd. Years of smoking damaged my voice but I still belt one out either for my own pleasure, exercise or when I get the chance, in church. I still love to sing. My mom and I often sing while traveling.

When my children were small and we had to go places we would sing or play games, this was before iPhones and computers were popular. My older grandchildren also grew-up singing with grandma. They have also influenced the playlist in my head.

When I think of songs that reflect my mood they run the gamut of old gospel, rock and country but interspersed amid these oldies are also some newer songs, songs my children and grandchildren have gifted me with.

This week I’ve tried to write. It has come in fits and starts but a conversation with my oldest son, my granddaughter’s birthday and a determination to keep my chin up and count my blessings has me on the computer this morning. I’d like to challenge each of you to send me your playlist. What songs lift you up when you are down? What songs make you feel sexy, silly, sad, nostalgic? What songs remind you of your spouse, your best friend, your parent? Share your songs and a little story. Let’s get through Covid-19 together. Let’s lift each other up with our stories and songs. Send a smiley face emoji or GIF, send a card, make a phone call, whatever you can do, let others know you care. God Bless and I hope this is over soon!


I write suspense with a hot romance and a southern accent. I like strong characters with attitude and charm. Heroines who can rescue themselves and heroes who aren't afraid to love them.

2 thoughts on “Where does the music take you?

  1. Songs of Sonja
    By Sonja McGiboney

    “An ear worm?”
    “Yes, an ear worm.”
    “How do I get rid of it?”
    “You have to sing it out loud, the louder the better.”
    “But my voice is terrible.”
    “Do you want to overcome this issue or not?”
    “I suppose, but what if it comes back?”
    “It might. It might not. It could come back as a different song.”
    “What do I do then?”
    “Sing it again.”
    “Okay, I’ll try. Here goes…”

    Loudly, but with feeling, Sonja sings, “Seventy six trombones led the big parade while more than a thousand reeds filled the air….”

    ….The songs of all the musicals like “The Music Man” or “The Wizard of Oz” that were on TV while growing up; the theme songs to shows like “Gilligan’s Island” or “Flipper,” fill my brain and come storming out at the oddest times. Every now and then a line from a Beethoven sonata or Chopin prelude worms its way into my humming. But, more often than not, it’s “Amazing Grace” or “Six Little Ducks” that flow from my lips.

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