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I’m Joining the Conall Clan

The Conall Clan Shifter Series

Budapest Fairy Tale Book 4: Conall Clan by Donna Steele

Marcel Tremblay never expected to be the new alpha of the Northeast Territory, especially not at his age. A few weeks ago, he never imagined he’d be on a plane, his plane, well, the pack’s plane, and on his way to Budapest. Life is funny and for this shifter and his family, life has been taking some unexpected twists and turns.

Marcel, the brother-in-law to Brent Conall, who is Beta and brother to Lou Conall. Lou is the alpha for the largest territory in North America, makes a strong ally for a young territory alpha.

On a mission to clean up the mess Eric Davis, the former alpha he bested in Book 2: Family Ties, Marcel is overwhelmed with the details of Davis’ business dealings, both legal and illegal. He doesn’t have time to site see and visit, but an unexpected meeting brings him face to face with his lifemate, Jacquelyn Caron.

Marcel soon finds himself with even more unpleasantness to clean up and sort out but the pay off is worth it. Discovering his lifemate and adding to his family makes whatever else he must deal with a good trade-off. Jax/Jacquelyn and her friends didn’t believe in lifemates, good alphas or their rights within the pack, helping them find their voices and stand up for themselves makes the pack stronger and the shifters, greater.

This was a wonderful, whirlwind romance. An action-packed story of good versus evil. A must read for anyone who loves romance with a little twist.


I write suspense with a hot romance and a southern accent. I like strong characters with attitude and charm. Heroines who can rescue themselves and heroes who aren't afraid to love them.