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I’m Joining the Conall Clan

The Conall Clan Shifter Series

Budapest Fairy Tale Book 4: Conall Clan by Donna Steele

Marcel Tremblay never expected to be the new alpha of the Northeast Territory, especially not at his age. A few weeks ago, he never imagined he’d be on a plane, his plane, well, the pack’s plane, and on his way to Budapest. Life is funny and for this shifter and his family, life has been taking some unexpected twists and turns.

Marcel, the brother-in-law to Brent Conall, who is Beta and brother to Lou Conall. Lou is the alpha for the largest territory in North America, makes a strong ally for a young territory alpha.

On a mission to clean up the mess Eric Davis, the former alpha he bested in Book 2: Family Ties, Marcel is overwhelmed with the details of Davis’ business dealings, both legal and illegal. He doesn’t have time to site see and visit, but an unexpected meeting brings him face to face with his lifemate, Jacquelyn Caron.

Marcel soon finds himself with even more unpleasantness to clean up and sort out but the pay off is worth it. Discovering his lifemate and adding to his family makes whatever else he must deal with a good trade-off. Jax/Jacquelyn and her friends didn’t believe in lifemates, good alphas or their rights within the pack, helping them find their voices and stand up for themselves makes the pack stronger and the shifters, greater.

This was a wonderful, whirlwind romance. An action-packed story of good versus evil. A must read for anyone who loves romance with a little twist.

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Lifemates by Donna Steele

When Chicago Detective Wesley Conall comes home for his cousin’s lifemating ceremony he doesn’t expect to find his own lifemate.

When Wesley first senses his lifemate, he has no clue who she is. When he learns she is the sister to Wyoming’s Alpha, he knows her reputation but little else. Clarissa Johnson is not the mate Wesley would have chosen for himself. She is too beautiful, too everything and he is just a humble detective, not even a Beta wolf. He cannot offer her the life she is used to. He fears she will want him.

Clarissa has her own baggage. With no parents to raise them, her brother, Marcus did his best, but he was only a child himself. Beautiful and spoiled it is only after making the biggest mistake of her life, that she realizes she has to change.

Thrown together by fate, Clarissa has the option to walk away but once a male wolf has found his lifemate, she is the only woman for him. Amid the turmoil of family drama and the threat to their pack, Clarissa is faced with a choice, her own survival or protecting the rest of the pack.

I was first introduced to the sexy detective in Don’t Look Back and a little disappointed he didn’t get the girl. I have to admit Donna Steele knew what she was doing when she brought Megan to Sweetwater and into the arms of Lon Conall.

This is a great series, and I love the way Ms. Steele weaves character and plot together with story to create a feeling of reality. I want to escape to Sweetwater and fall in love with a shifter.

In Family Ties, Donna expanded the family to include Brent Conall’s in-laws and introduce us to his wife Karen’s brother, Marcel. I can’t wait to read his story coming out in October, Budapest Fairy Tale. Okay Donna, please tell me we’re going to get Marcus’ story next!

Even if you think you don’t like shifters, give this series a try, you might just change your mind. I’m addicted.