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Amazing Debut Romantic Suspense Author

Finding Faye by A J Andersen

Finding Faye is A J’s debut novel. YES, her very first novel. I debated whether it deserved a four or five-star rating. I mean, if I give her a five, what does she have to look forward to? If I give her a four, does that mean I didn’t like the story? No, actually, I believe anything three and above is decent. Three meaning, it’s average. It was good but not memorable. Four means it was really good but not perfect, not exactly what I as a reader was looking for. Hmm, so how do you judge a book that is different than you expected but not in a bad way.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. There were a couple of things that brought me out of the fiction world briefly, but it was brief, and I soon found myself back with Travis and Faye.

A J did something I feel is very difficult for a writer to do, she wrote the whole book in two-part first-person point of view with very little narrative. I felt it could have used more dialogue and less in the character’s head but in first person, that is what you get. She kept me on the edge of my seat and in the moment. I cannot believe this is her first book, it was very well done.

The relationship between Travis and Faye was believable but at times a bit too sweet. He seemed to forget she wasn’t a child. I think that’s understandable given their past, but it would pull me out of the story a bit. Then there were things that A J did so well, that I easily forgave anything else. The strength and courage of Faye’s character is so real, we see her fear and the little things she does to protect herself. From the things Faye does without because she is in hiding to her strength of character as she tries to keep from having to sell her body to survive. You cannot help but root for this character and hope that she and Travis find their happy ever after.

As a writer, what I felt was missing was dialogue and narrative voice. As a reader, I had no real complaints. A J Andersen’s debut novel Finding Faye was a fast-paced read and if she’s this good now I cannot wait to see what’s in store for the rest of her series. If you are looking for a new romantic suspense author, check out A J Andersen’s K and S Securities Series, I know I’ll be reading more!  


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