I’m Joining the Conall Clan

The Conall Clan Shifter Series Budapest Fairy Tale Book 4: Conall Clan by Donna Steele Marcel Tremblay never expected to be the new alpha of the Northeast Territory, especially not at his age. A few weeks ago, he never imagined he’d be on a plane, his plane, well, the pack’s plane, and on his way to Budapest. Life is funny and for this shifter and … Continue reading I’m Joining the Conall Clan

Lifemates by Donna Steele

When Chicago Detective Wesley Conall comes home for his cousin’s lifemating ceremony he doesn’t expect to find his own lifemate. When Wesley first senses his lifemate, he has no clue who she is. When he learns she is the sister to Wyoming’s Alpha, he knows her reputation but little else. Clarissa Johnson is not the mate Wesley would have chosen for himself. She is too … Continue reading Lifemates by Donna Steele

Family Ties

Family Ties: Book 2: Conall Clan Do not mess with the Conall Clan, you will regret it, if you live long enough. This werewolf/shifter romantic suspense is full of family dynamics, drama and romance. It brings the past and present together with strong characters and intense emotions. This is an edge of your seat suspense thriller that will leave you sitting up to two in … Continue reading Family Ties