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Broccoli Soup and Jalapeno Cornbread

When your freezer dies a slow cruel death and you have to throw away two garbage bags full of food, you get creative on what you are able to salvage. The frozen vegetables at the bottom of the freezer, the extra blocks of cheese and the packages of Jiffy Corn Bread mix. I found jalapenos in the cabinet and sour cream in the fridge. Hmm, sounds like a meal to me.

Broccoli Soup

2 packages of frozen broccoli (I used one of broccoli and one of mixed broccoli, carrots & cauliflower)

2-Tablespoons of butter

2-Tablespoons of flour

¼ cup milk

1-teaspoon of corn starch

¾ cup of shredded cheddar cheese

¾ cup of half-and-half

1 can chicken broth with ½ can of water



2-quart sauce pan

In a 2-quart sauce pan, melt butter, stir in flour. Stir flour until it turns a pale beige, SLOWLY add in milk, stirring so it doesn’t clump. Add cheese and stir. Mix corn starch to chicken broth and water, add to cheese mixture. Add in broccoli. (If you use fresh cook first in chicken broth until bright green and softened, then add to milk mixture.)

Cook on low heat until begins to thicken and vegetables start to break down. Add garlic and salt, loosen with half-and-half, cook until desired thickness.

Jalapeno Corn Bread

¼ to ½ cup finely chopped jalapenos (I use jarred pickled jalapenos, if you are using fresh, it’s best to roast them first.)

¾ cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese

½ cup sour cream

2 eggs

2 packages corn bread mix (I use Jiffy or similar brand)

½ stick of butter

Parchment paper

9×13 pan

Large mixing bowl

Line pan with parchment paper, I leave a little to over lap the sides. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Put stick of butter in pan, set in oven to melt.

Add corn bread mix into large mixing bowl, with a fork, get out lumps. Mix eggs, sour cream with corn bread mix, add in jalapenos and cheese.

Using oven mitt, pull out pan, dump contents of bowl into pan and smooth. Bake at 400 until golden about 25-30 minutes.

Let cool.

I heat mine up on a panini press with a little melted butter.


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