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By Way of Water by Doris Schneider

This is second novel by my friend Doris Schneider, I’ve thought of it as a prequel but in truth it takes place in real time after Borrowed Things. Paul Santino and Marjorie Hester were such compelling characters in Borrowed Things that they needed their own story. In By Way of Water much of the story takes place in the past as Paul reads Sarah “Sissy” Hester’s journals and diaries.
Sissy Hester was supposed to be a big sister but fate was not kind to her parents. This coming of age story unfolds amid the chaos and changes effecting the world during the sixties. In a small town in North Carolina Sissy is sheltered from much of the racial and civil unrest and the horrors of war. But as new people come to town so does the rest of the world. Sissy, a rescuer of wild, damaged things becomes a rescuer of people when Paul enters her life.
A story of love, friendship and doing the right thing. As Paul reads Sissy’s journals he relives their time together, falling in love with her again and again as understanding brings him the peace so long absent from that part of his life.
This a beautiful story of first love and enduring love, belonging and being true to yourself.


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