Aurora Fish and Farm Festival

It was a lovely day in Aurora. A breeze kept it from being unbearably warm. We had a nice crowd in the morning and another one after lunch. But then the rain came! It was fun while it lasted. Sarah surprised us with a visit. It was a wonderful day, we sold a few books and made some new friends and connections! Don’t forget to … Continue reading Aurora Fish and Farm Festival

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Welcome Sev Tok to Creekside Cafe

Sev is featured in the Canadian TV docuseries, Encounter: UFO – Physical Contact. Currently, Sev is in talks with producers of a Netflix series.  She has been interviewed around the world,  and speaks at international conferences. She was the Master of Ceremonies at MUFON’s International Symposium 2022 and is MUFON’s (Mutual UFO Network) Assistant State Director for North Carolina, a Field Investigator, and on the Executive Committee of the Experiencer Resource Team. North Carolina is usually in the Top 10 most UFO sightings in the country. Continue reading Welcome Sev Tok to Creekside Cafe

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Welcome Veronica Krug to Creekside Cafe

Both of my low fantasy novels include a group of four friends, Kayla, Jerry, Sarah, and Nick, who have a mystery to solve. The first, Good Beasts Bad Creatures, focuses on Kayla, Jerry, and Grimalkin; a panther who escapes a farm and is the progeny of the Beast of Bladenboro. The Beast of Bladenboro was a creature who terrorized the town in the 50s. Continue reading Welcome Veronica Krug to Creekside Cafe