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Creekside Cafe Welcomes Ruby Marley

Welcome to Creekside Café, Ruby, it’s great to have you here. You said you came up with your penname using your birthstone and first pet. We share a birthstone. I wonder if we also share a birthdate. Mine is July 24th

Ruby: Holy cow, what are the odds of that?! I was literally born the next day on July 25th! 

Sherri: Oh that’s just too cool! We’ll have to celebrate together this year!

You mention your favorite trope is Enemies to Lovers, it’s one of my favorites as well. What are some of your other favorites? What trope haven’t you used but would like to? 

Ruby: Oh, goodness. Well, I hate to keep talking about Katee Robert but com on. Tink and Hook in “A Worthy Opponent” from her wicked villains series? What’s not to love.

Sherri: The Lost Maidens is your first published novel, what made you decide to use Tea with Coffee Media for your publishing? 

Ruby: I have the incredible pleasure of being friends with a few of the individuals on the board, and they are fiercely supportive. They don’t give my imposter syndrome the opportunity to set in because they leap at a chance to read what I work on. So when they said “We want The Lost Maidens” how could Destiny and I say no.

Sherri: How was it writing with a co-author? How did it differ from writing your other stories?

Ruby: Destiny is my first official collab partner and it was so much fun, especially since we actually got to be in the same room as one another for part of the writing process. I visited her during NaNoWriMo when we started working on The Lost Maidens. The energy in that room was absolutely electric.

Sherri: What do you hope readers will feel or think after reading your novel?

Ruby: Well, I may be biased cause I helped write the damn thing, but I hope it touches the hearts of all who read it. Cause I certainly cried in a few places. We just really wanted to tell this beautiful love story between two badasses.

Sherri: You got your start writing fan fiction, what benefits and/or disadvantages do you believe this experience gave you? 

Ruby: I don’t think there were really any disadvantages to the experience. The worst thing that could come of it is some people might find the fanfics I posted online and then I’ll have to do the writer’s walk of shame. But I don’t understand why people look down on fanfiction so much because I personally think it’s a wonderful writing exercise. You’re working within the constructs of a world that you didn’t create–even if you do AU fanfiction, that still applies. You have to tell a compelling story in someone else’s sandbox. And not everyone can do that. Plus, fanfic also gives you an opportunity to improve as a storyteller. Nothing will make you work on your grammar like fifty people in the comment sections listed everything you did wrong grammatically. You can use up those self-indulgent bad ideas and learn WHY they might be self-indulgent bad ideas. Anything that improves the craft isn’t bad.

Sherri: I think writing fanfiction is a great way to get your creative mind in gear, and like you said, a great exercise. I am the chairperson for the Pamlico Writers’ Group and people often ask me how to get started. Fanfiction, creative workshops, writing prompts, anything that starts that journey isn’t anything to be ashamed of. I have several accomplished author friends who got their start with fanfic. No shame in your game, sis.

Your short stories blend history and erotica. Why historicals? Why eroticas? 

Ruby: I have often been told that I’m and old soul and was born in the wrong time period. I don’t know, there is just something so romantic about history (biggoted backwards laws and social decorum not-withstanding). And eroticas I think I was drawn to because I did grow up in the household that preaches sex was meant to come after marriage. And of course, no one really talks about women’s enjoyment when discussing such subjects. But when I learned I wasn’t really conventional in that way, I longed for something to prove that there were others with my tastes and desires. I found that in erotica.

Sherri: Does The Lost Maidens have elements of your other stories or is this something completely different? 

Ruby: I mean it does have an enemies-to-lovers trope, but this is the first sapphic love story I’ve ever wanted to write and I love that. Frankly, there needs to be more historic lesbian romance novels.

Sherri: I’m seeing a greater acceptance and even main-stream popularity of sapphic romance. A friend writes a wonderful vampire series and there are a couple other historicals I’m interested in reading. I love historical romances.

How did you and Destiny meet? How did the two of you start writing together?

Ruby: Destiny and I met online during the early stages of the Covid 19 pandemic. We were a part of the same writing community and everyone was desperate to find anything to kill the boredom. I had just finished re-writing another book and was looking for a critique partner. Destiny had also finished a book recently so she volunteered to swap books with me. We worked on each other’s books for a while, but real life stress and drama kinda led to everything falling by the wayside and we didn’t speak for a while.

Then, she reached out to me in September to apologize for not finishing her critiques. I did the same and we each thought we were mad at the other this entire time which is why we were both so quite. We rebonded quickly, finding more things in common and within about a month, Destiny said “We should write a book together”. The rest is history.

Sherri: Will The Lost Maidens be part of a series?

Ruby: That was not the original intent, however per the advice from our editor, there MIGHT be a prequel that looks at Alva’s life before Kaitlyn.

Sherri: You are also working on a solo series, what are your plans for this new series? 

Ruby: So “The Dark Ages” series is a modern Mafia retelling of the myths of King Arthur. So the first book looks at the affair between Lancelot and Gunivere. The second book is a sapphic Enemies-To-Lovers for the Lady of the Lake and Morgan Le Fay. And finally, the last book is a thruple love story between Gawain, a Knight of the round Table, Lady Ragnelle, a mysterious wise woman, and the Green Knight, a man who was one of Arthur’s critics and a bit of a trickster himself.

Sherri: You’re not exactly a novice but I’m sure you must still be excited about the release of your upcoming novel. What are you most excited about and what are you dreading? 

Ruby: Oh, goodness. I’m just excited for it to be out in the world. People have already started to show an interest in the book and have been asking where they can find it and when they can get it. What am I dreading? It’s not really dread, but let’s face it, marketing is hard unless you went to college for it, and I am absolutely clueless about it. So marketing is definitely the hardest part for me.

Sherri: If you enjoyed this interview with Ruby Marley stay tuned for her co-author, Destiny Swallows. Check out The Lost Maiden, which launches July 19th, 2022.

If you are interested in learning more about Ruby’s other stories, you can follow her social media and check out her website. 

The Lost Maidens:

Alva and her wife Lise are on a mission to lead the sassy Princess Kaitlyn to a new land to combine her clan and a new clan by way of marriage to their chief’s son. Standoffish, the two quickly draw a disdain for one another unmatched by Thor and Loki’s. However, when a storm rocks their world and capsizes their boat, Alva and Kaitlyn are tasked with exploring not only a new world, but also their newfound desires for one another.

When the pair comes across a village hidden in the cold Canadian arctic, they embark upon creating a new life with these native people. As they become one with the Inuit, how will these shield maidens prepare for their biggest threat yet?

Will Alva be able to find Lise in their new village? Or will she seek comfort in the arms of Kaitlyn? Will the shield maidens be enough to protect the village from frost giants? Find out in The Lost Maidens!

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Sex Scenes versus Love Scenes

How much sex should there be in a romance novel? Are you a less is more or give me all the nitty gritty?

If you are a romance writer, you have heard the debate over the term “clean” romances. For those who aren’t familiar with the name, it’s about romances with no sex what-so-ever, usually Christian romances. Now I’m not knocking the Christian romance genre or even the choice to have no sex in the story, I love Hallmark movies and they barely even kiss. I like everything from chaste romances to the more erotic motorcycle club romances.

My biggest problem with clean romances, other than the name, is that they take out the sexual tension. Even the squeaky-clean movies of the 1950s had a little tension in them. I just don’t think it’s believable to have a romance with no sexual tension. Even Christians planning to abstain from sex until marriage should desire their person. To do honor to their vows of chastity, we should see their struggle. What do they do to ensure they remain celibate? Do they employ a chaperone to avoid temptation? Do the abstain from touching one another? What is their reaction when they do touch? Do they blush or jump apart when someone comes around? Innocent touches, holding hands, and longing glances show their desire. I believe you can honor the genre and give respect to the real people who are trying to remain chaste by showing honestly the effort to battle “the desires of the flesh.”

But romance isn’t just about sex, it’s about falling in love. While sexual tension is a big part of romance, it is also those tender scenes where the couple is getting to know each other. It’s that ah-ha moment when they realize this is their person, and learning their true heart. It is the emotional and well as the sensual that makes a believable romance.

So, whether you’re reading or writing a chaste romance or something a little dirtier showing the journey to falling in love is an important part of the process. For me, I like to see the couple becoming friends or learning to respect each other, and I definitely want to know their hot for each other. What is most important part of the romance story for you? Do you want sexy, sexually tense or chaste romances?

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Ruby Moon by Jenny Knipfer

I believe it is important for readers and especially writers to read outside our normal comfort zone. As you can see from many of my reviews, I read an eclectic variety of books.

Ruby Moon reads at times like poetry. This debut novel is a blend of Ojibwe and 1890s Canadian society, with Biblical and other famous quotes to add thought or subtext to the story.

“God has destined me for a purpose?” Young Janay asks as she wanders the fields with the medicine woman, Maang-ikwe. Her affinity with plants and desire to learn the ways of her mother making her unique among the citizens of town.

Raised by her indulgent widowed father, Janay walks a fine line between the two worlds.

“Remember, what you leave and tend will grow. Weeds will not produce a harvest of good things.” Jacques’ father admonishes as he teaches him to pluck the weeds from the family garden, though the lesson will be one he will use throughout many areas of his life.

As secretary to Janay’s father, Jacques is known to be a good, honest man.

When Janay attracts the attention of a man who believes there is nothing he cannot possess for a price, it is Jacques who is tasked with seeing her safely away.

It was her father’s hope and prayer that she and Jacques might find love, and in the trials to come, it is the love and support of her family that sees her through.

A copper or ruby moon is one of joy. I am so thankful this story ends with a song of joy.

Strong female characters, Godly characters and realistic characters. A lovely story.

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Chatting with Miranda Jameson

I’d like to welcome my new friend, author Miranda Jameson to Creekside Café. I started doing these interviews to help cross-promote my own books as well as introduce other authors to my friends and readers. Thank you for joining us here at my virtual café.

Miranda: Absolutely, Sherri! It’s all about networking. I’m Indie published. It’s not an easy choice, but for most newish authors, trad publishing isn’t an easy choice either. These days, no one does your marketing and networking for you unless you’re an established name. 

Michael Anderle, a highly successful Indie author, advises Indies to ‘Patterson the s@** out of your career’ – referencing James Patterson’s excellent marketing skills! Now, I might not be Pattersoning (haha – invented a new word) but for better or worse, I have control over my own publishing journey. 

Sherri: I think most of us who are indie published or as you say, traditionally published but not yet a big name, have learned to get creative to let readers know we’re here. So, what interesting things have you tried to promote and market your books? Anything you want to share with our readers?

Miranda: It isn’t easy being Indie. It’s a 24/7 job. I made many mistakes, learned a LOT, and became part of the awesome Indie writing community. I received a tonne of help and guidance and try to pay that forward. This year, I plan to boost my marketing beyond organic growth. I have enough books out for a better return on investment. It’s daunting, but doable. 

Sherri: Miranda and I met through the New Romance Café readers and writers’ Facebook group. It’s great to have a supportive and fun online group. 

Miranda: Yes, we met in the Romance Café, of course! It’s a friendly, virtual place where the virtual cake and coffee have 0 calories. Working on our joint project has been great fun. 

Sherri: I’m so excited about the anthology. You and Andi have put in so much work to see this project come to fruition. What are you plans for the future?

Miranda: I have four books planned this year. The first two – Zephyr and Deimos – will complete my Empaths of Venice trilogy. The third one will loop back to before my Warriors’ Council trilogy – and hopefully lead new readers to those books. This story will be set on the Western Front during WW1, so there’s a fair bit of research to do. Its hero and heroine are the two characters in my Love in Bloom story. Henri and Ysabeau appear as supporting characters in all my books. My readers love them and wanted their story. This is another good thing about being an Indie – having direct conversations with readers. 

I like mixing history into my paranormal romances; after all, if you live hundreds of years, you’ve witnessed seismic world events. The last book this year – London Symphony – will be part of my spin-off PNR series set in the 1940s. All my books can be read as standalones, but the stories, events and characters are connected. Readers love cameo appearances by their favourite characters from the other books. 

Sherri: History with the paranormal, that makes sense to me and makes me want to read your books. I too, love history, something I shared with my father. What or who has influenced your writing?

Miranda: Well, I was born in England, grew up in India immersed in stories of gods, goddesses, elephant-riding princes and bejeweled princesses. I studied in both countries, and now live permanently in England. My home is in North Yorkshire, a beautiful part of England steeped in history (which I love).

Like any writer who has read thousands of books, my writing must be an amalgam of all of them – good, and bad. I would encourage every writer to read. You always learn new ways to tell a story better.

Sherri: Have you always been a writer? 

Miranda: Yes, always, but never with any serious intent. It tended to be a clandestine thing. I’m quite a private person and putting my work out there makes me feel exposed and rather vulnerable. After all, writing is a window into a writer’s head. Good reviews take me by surprise because I secretly think my writing is crap! Imposter syndrome – moi?

Sherri: We share the same affliction. It’s exciting when someone likes your work but it’s also a bit surprising and terrifying. I suffer from what if the next book isn’t as good. I try to quiet the voices in my head with creating characters who are more confident, stronger and smarter. Writing is a way for me to speak my mind. I could no more stop writing as stop breathing. What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

Miranda: Creating worlds. Sounds grandiose, doesn’t it, but that’s what writers do. It’s as close to magic as it’s possible to get. Writing is my solution for coping with life’s challenges. It’s also about control. My stories are one place where I get to decide what does or doesn’t happen. Characters become real. Their stories clamour to be told. When I finish writing a novel, I get a real slump because I miss my people!

Sherri: That’s why I write sequels or if you prefer, series. I like bringing characters back for an ovation. Unfortunately, there are also the not so fun things about being a writer. When you start working towards getting something published or sending it to a contest, you are no longer writing for your own pleasure, you are writing for an audience and there are certain expectations between a reader and writer. I suffer the bobble head syndrome. I mean really, how many times can someone nod their head before it rolls off into oblivion. And I reuse the same words and phrases…

Miranda: Oooh! Those gluey glue words. ‘Just’ – why does it pop up everywhere? And what’s with the ‘really’? Delete. Delete! Repeat phrases are something I have to keep my eye on. Thankfully, they get banished during editing. I’m a loose plotter. I have a direction the story has to go and I know the end. I plan plot points and pinch points, but things may change and it’s usually for the better.

Sherri: You mentioned this earlier and I say it to beginning writers all the time, if you want to be a good writer you must first be a reader. Learning what works and what doesn’t by reading other people’s work, developing good techniques and learning the craft of writing, these are important skills that take time to build. What do you think is your greatest strength as a writer? 

Miranda: As for strengths, that’s hard to say. I’ve learned to trust my gut and perhaps that’s a bonus. If my gut tells me a scene isn’t working, it isn’t. I dump it and begin again. I try to create pictures in readers’ minds without miring them in long paragraphs of description. Sight, scent, sound – all those things add layers and make the scene immersive. One reviewer said she felt she was really living in the alternate reality I’d created. Another loves the ‘feels’ in my stories. I like my romances to be romantic. My characters struggle internally, however confident they appear on the outside. Their happily ever afters come with meeting someone who makes them feel right, whatever their flaws. It’s not about feeling ‘completed’, it’s about finding a person who encourages you to be yourself, and loves you despite everything.

Sherri: Yes, anyone can love the beautiful, perfect character but show me the person who loves the recovering addict, the person who is scarred whether inside or out by life’s trials, the person no one else has bothered to really see, that’s real romance. I can’t wait to read your books. 

Who are some of your favorite authors or your favorite genres?

Miranda: I prefer historical and paranormal romances. Probably because I love history, and I love the possibility of powerful, magical beings living alongside us. For historical, I’ve recently discovered Sarah McClean and, through the Romance Café, Lara Temple and Tabetha Waite. As for paranormal, I’ve read all the usual suspects – Larissa Ione, Nalini Singh, J R Ward, and recently, I.T. Lucas. And let’s not forget Anne Rice. Apart from reading romance, I’m a huge fan of mysteries, and historical whodunnits. I blame an early addiction to Agatha Christie. My list of favourite authors is unbelievably long, but if I ended up on a desert island with only two books, I’d want a poetry collection (including Keats and Elliot), and the complete works of Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

Sherri: Wow, the time has just flown by. I hate to bring this visit to an end but I should get back to work on my novel and it sounds like you have a schedule to keep. If you ever get to North Carolina, please look me up. 

Miranda: I have never visited the United States. Can you believe it? It’s a big gap in my travels I hope to fill in the future. Especially since most of my current readers reside in North America. I’d love to see the famous autumn (fall) colours, and I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco. I’m also a fan of Ina Garten’s cooking shows and enjoy her visits to California’s Napa Valley. Ideally, I’d hire one of those huge RVs and tour around.

Sherri: Now that sounds like an adventure. Let me know when you go visit Ina Garten, I’d love to tag along. 

For those of you who’d like to know more about Miranda or buy her books, here are the links to do just that. 

Miranda’s Bio:

Miranda Jameson grew up in India immersed in stories of gods, goddesses, elephant-riding princes and bejewelled princesses. She firmly believes there is magic all around us if we only take a minute to look.

She now lives in North Yorkshire, England, where she translates her passion for art, history, mythology and travel, into writing action-packed paranormal romances with all the ‘feels’.

 She loves honourable badass heroes with undiscovered depths, and smart dauntless heroines who can save themselves. 

When not clicking away on her laptop, she runs mum’s taxi service and the bank of mum. In other words, she’s got kids. Coffee, gin, and good friends, keep her sane.

Here are my links:

The Warriors’ Council trilogy

Gabriel –

Javier –

Rafe –   


The Empaths of Venice trilogy

Alexis –


Warriors’ Council World prequel novels

Berlin Nocturne –

Berlin Nocturne is also available as a bonus when you sign up to for Miranda’s Inner Circle monthly newsletter

Paris Prelude –


Follow Miranda Jameson on Facebook for updates, sneak peeks, and offers –


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“Love In Bloom”–What it means to be a part of an international anthology.

Are you ready for spring? Well, I have no control of the weather, but I can give you a little taste of spring, spring romance that is. Check out our spring romance anthology, “Love in Bloom.”

When my friend, Tammera Cooper, author of The Water Street Chronicles, first suggested I join The New Romance Café Facebook group, I thought, yeah whatever. Another boring group doing nothing. Boy was I wrong. Right away, I could tell this group was going to be different. The group is a combination of writers, both published and dreamers, and readers, romance readers. The New Romance Café offers a safe haven for those who love reading and writing romance.

The founder and host of The New Romance Cafe, Andie Wood and her founding group have given its members a place that allows us to share our eclectic views on romance, characters, reading and writing. The genre is explored from different perspectives and even if we don’t agree, our views are respected. The Café is a place to discuss what we love, romance. I am surprised at how much I look forward to and enjoy participating with this group. (The New Romance Café is a closed group.)
Shortly after I joined the group, Andie put out a call for short stories for the group’s upcoming anthologies. A vacancy due to a family emergency offered an opportunity for someone else to join the two planned anthologies. Someone was needed who was willing to write a short story for their spring anthology. Without stopping to think, I volunteered. Little did I know, as we were ending the first week of January that the story would need to be finished, edited and ready to go by February first. Uh, what did I just agree to? Thanks to Lauriel Masson-Oakden, who took on the task of editing both for content and grammar, we managed to get my story, R and R, ready with time to spare. Thank you so much for that, Lauriel!

Having the opportunity to be a part of this anthology is important for several reasons. The first, all the proceeds will go to breast cancer research. Eastern North Carolina has one of the highest rates of cancer in the U S. Learning that the group wanted to support an international charity and was leaning towards breast cancer made being part of this project more important. All of us have been touched by cancer whether we are survivors ourselves, have family or friends who’ve fought the battle or lost it, cancer is very real for all of us. Finding the right charity was a little more difficult. When the U S based Breast Cancer Research Foundation was chosen, it was obvious it was the perfect fit. This foundation works globally to help women and men, deal with breast cancer. BCRF is active in teaching preventive measures and searching for a cure. BCRF funds nearly three hundred researchers across fourteen countries and six continents. I am so proud to be a part of this anthology, all the proceeds from “Love in Bloom” will got to BCRF.

The second reason to be a part of this anthology is a selfish one. Because the group is an eclectic one, representing several different countries, I hope being included in this international anthology will put my name out into the world. The anthology will link to our stories to our other works making it easier for readers to find our other books. As indie authors, our biggest hurdle is being seen in the crowd. If you are on a budget, you have to choose where to spend your marketing dollar and hope you don’t get lost amid the plethora of similar books. By being part of the anthology, helps us to stand out in the crowd. If readers like your story, they can find more from you with just a tap.
The third reason I am so glad to be a part of this anthology are the people I have met. I started doing interviews on my blog. Along the way I have discovered other readers and writers, their work and their friendship. I cannot tell you how interesting it is to meet people from Romania, Norway, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and even the good ole USA, each reads and writes different from me, there may be some similarities but where we are from, our education, our ages all play a factor in what we write. Sharing their stories on my blog and sharing space with them in the anthology is a great honor.

“Love in Bloom” is a collection of romance stories from writers from different parts of the world. Some of the authors are multi-published and successful. For some, this is their first published work. Others, like myself fall into the middle. The stories’ subgenres are just as varied: historical, contemporary, suspense, vampire and steampunk to name just a few. It’s midrange on the heat level but high octane on the romance. Our overall theme is Spring.
So, when you purchase “Love in Bloom,” you are not only getting entertaining stories, you are helping search for a cure for breast cancer.
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Pamlico Writers’ 1K Challenge

Running at Sunset
A possible scene for Titanium Blue

The setting sun bathed the land in shades of rose. Jenna loved this time of day. She’d forgotten how peaceful it felt to stretch her legs and push her body, breathing in the cool, crisp autumn air. The holidays would soon be upon them and she might not have another chance to run like this. She missed running.
After working at the café and juggling being a single mom, most nights it was all she could do to stay awake past Toby’s bedtime. She lengthened her stride, pouring out the tension and stress of the past weeks. Tar was back. Her heart stuttered in her chest and she blinked back tears. She wasn’t fooling anyone with her denials, especially not herself. Jenna was still in love with her husband. Why did love have to hurt so much? When did I become a coward? He’d battled his addiction to pain medicine. She could see in his clear topaz eyes that he wasn’t using.
When her husband had returned from Afghanistan minus his lower leg, he’d shut her out. He’d almost pushed her out the door. I should have stayed and fought, she thought, listening to the tap of her feet on the pavement. She focused on landing lightly on her toes, barely letting her heel touch before pushing off again. Pine and cedar mingled with the heavy dew bringing the scent of the river, briny and laden with the threat of rain. The smell of the marshlands a unique essence she couldn’t describe, a combination of mud and brackish water, life and death, the ancient past and the future. She ran down the lane to the marina, filling her lungs with the life-giving force of the Pamlico. Steps, heavy and consistent behind her, alarmed her, turning she sighed in relief and longing as her husband ran towards her.
“You’re running again?” She stared down at his space-age looking leg.
Tar nodded, running in place beside her. “The new leg is designed for running—titanium.”
She smiled and fell into step beside him. “Are you going to run in the Veteran’s Day Five K?”
Tar darted a glance her way. “I didn’t know there was one.”
Jenna nodded, her pony tail brushing against her neck like a lover’s caress, her cheeks pinkened with desire and she was thankful for the glow of the setting sun staining everything with its rosy tint. “The town uses it to raise money for the Veteran’s Memorial in the park and the Veteran’s brunch.”
Tar’s dark brow raised, and a smile hovered on his handsome face. “Another of Dana’s projects?”
Jenna nodded. “She’s roped me into helping but I told her I wanted to run. I swear that girl could talk a grizzly bear into giving piggy back rides.”
Tar snorted. “I’ve managed to stay under her radar.”
Jenna laughed an idea coming to mind. “She’d love to honor some of the local veterans…”
Tar shook his head.
Before he could protest, she said, “It wouldn’t be a big deal. Maybe you and some of your buddies would start the run?”
“Are you talking about wounded vets?” There was a harshness in his voice.
“No, not just. I think it would be great to have each era represented. My dad and some of the older guys are talking about walking. They don’t want to be up in front because they know they’ll be slower. If you have some guys that are runners, it would be great if they could start the run…” her voice trailed off.
Tar visibly relaxed, letting go of the chip on his shoulder. Jenna let out the breath she’d been holding unaware she’d been doing so. Desire and fear, love and anger, all warred inside her. They’d been the perfect couple before he’d lost his leg. At least, she and all their friends had thought so. She blinked back tears aware of the strain of the past few minutes.
“I’ll ask some of the guys I know,” Tar’s deep voice interrupted her thoughts. “It would be an honor to lead the run.”
Jenna stared at him. Her attention off the road, she stumbled. Tar’s big, callused hands kept her from falling on her face.
“Whoa, be careful.”
Resuming her pace, Jenna found her voice. “Thanks, for catching me and thanks…”
“You know I’m putting myself in Dana sights,” he said shaking his head. “A smart Marine knows, you should never volunteer for a dangerous mission.”
Jenna frowned. “Is there such a thing as a smart Marine?”
He growled.
Jenna increased her speed.
Laughing, Tar chased her.
As the sun set deepened from pink to purple, Jenna became aware of her own deepening feelings. Could she risk loving this man again? As they ran in companionable silence, she let the thought seep into her heart like the cool, damp air into her lungs. Maybe they deserved a second chance.

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Aftershock by Jill Sorenson

Jill Sorenson’s 2013 novel Aftershock is an intense adventure into human nature. What makes some people heroic and others villains? When faced with the destruction and danger of a major earthquake, Garrett and Lauren unite to save a small group of survivors trapped in a collapsed freeway. Fighting dangerous conditions and a gang of convicts, as well as the attraction that pulls them together like a force of nature, Garrett and Lauren are willing to sacrifice even their own safety to rescue those depending on them.
Amid the worst conditions a person’s true character rises to the surface. Honed by danger, commitment and honor, this band of misfits unites for survival, discovering their own strengths and weaknesses along the way.
Discovering the truth about yourself is more frightening than finding out the people you trust aren’t exactly what you expect them to be. Can Lauren and Garrett’s fragile connection withstand the shock of returning to their real lives?
This story is one of the most exciting romances I’ve ever read, the real-life drama and the surreal world beneath the freeway are a great stage for this amazing love story.

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My Lady, My Lord by Katharine Ashe

I purchased this book at the 2015 Pamlico Writers Conference after hearing Katharine Ashe speak. If you have never had that chance you must look for the opportunity, not only is Katharine a talented writer, she is also a magnificent speaker. After listening to her speak of her books I knew I had to purchase one, I ended up with three. As a member of Katharine Ashe’s fan club The Princesses, I have come to learn even more about one of my favorite authors, her joy for writing romantic fiction comes out when she speaks but especially on the pages of her books.

My Lady, My Lord was a joyous experience, I could not wait to learn what happened next but on reaching the last page felt bereft that there was no story left. This amazing tale reminiscent of Freaky Friday, is a fun romp through the impossible. Katharine makes you believe in possibilities. At first I was a little put-off by the attitudes of the hero and heroine to each other but as I read on and learned more about them and as they learned more about each other, it became obvious how such animosity could have come about. I loved, loved, loved this story, it was fun, fresh and fabulous!
If you want a little something different in your historical romance, try My Lady, My Lord you won’t regret it.