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If the Viscount Falls by Sabrina Jeffries

I’d read anything Sabrina Jeffries writes, she could make even a grocery list interesting. She is one of my favorite writers and a excellent person. I love to support North Carolina writers, although when I first became a fan, I did not realize I would have the honor of meeting her. I am awed by her talent and humbled by her kindness.
The Duke’s Men series has been full of intrigue, romance and adventure. I have enjoyed each book but this one was possibly my favorite. The love affair between Dominick Manton and Lady Jane Vernon is beautiful and soul searing. Their mutual loss is further compounded by the fact that nothing came about the way Dom hoped. Jane was not happier without him, his sacrifice was for naught.
As the two are once more thrown together to rescue her cousin, Dom’s sister-in-law, can they learn to work together and trust each other? Seeing them navigate the stormy waters of their past relationship to overcome misunderstanding, lies and good intentions was both heart breaking and breath taking. No one does relationships better than Ms. Jeffries. She makes us ache and hope right along with them.
If you love historical romances and you want something fresh and interesting, then check out The Duke’s Men series.


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