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Roxy’s Betrayal Cover Reveal Party

Join me at Bed and Books on Instagram and Facebook, Tuesday, January 26th,

to get a glimpse of the bad sister, Roxy! I had a lot of fun writing a bad girl. Roxy is no one’s idea of a romantic hero. She was voted most likely to steal your boyfriend in high school. Roxanne Harrell doesn’t do anything that doesn’t benefit Roxanne until she meets the niece she didn’t know she even had. When her brother’s ex-fiance threatens sell her niece and friend to the highest bidder, has no choice but to do her bidding. Can she save her friends by betraying her family or will she end up destroying them all?

The Washington (NC) waterfront is mentioned often in both my book series. This is where the Pamlico and Tar Rivers meet.

On the new cover of White Gold, Dana is walking the waterfront after shopping with her sisters. It is where she strolls with Jake, agent sexy and where Rae Lynne walks with one of her dates before he is murdered.

When I was planning the cover for Roxy’s Betrayal I knew I wanted the waterfront and I found this photo I took while strolling the waterfront with my granddaughter. It is one of my favorites with the old warehouse and bridge.

In Roxy’s Betrayal I mention Bill’s Hot Dogs. Bill’s is a famous hot dog place here in Beaufort County but I have a confession to make. I had never eaten one of Bill’s dogs until after I married my husband. They are known for their white bean chili which is spicy and delicious.

excerpt from Roxy’s Betrayal

“So, is there any place you’d like to go before I take you home?”

“I thought your brother wanted you to take me straight home.”

“Remington likes to give orders, but he knows I won’t listen.” She gave him that 1000-watt smile. “So, what have you missed most while in lock-up?”

The buxom blonde wasn’t his normal type, not that he really had a type. Roxanne Harrell was definitely more than he would have asked for with her big personality, luscious figure and daring. She was tempting him more than was wise for someone in his position. He tamped down his desire. He wasn’t exactly a free man. What had he missed most since being locked up? “Sunshine,” he whispered.

“What’s that?”

“I’ve missed sunshine and fresh air.”

She turned down Water Street. Leaning across his lap, she rolled down his window. She turned her head and gave him a wink.

Heat pooled in his groin. He shoved his hands beneath his armpits to keep from holding her head to his lap. Sliding a little closer to the door, he put his head out the window like an old hound.

Slowing the truck, she cruised the waterfront. “Are you hungry? We could stop at Bill’s for a hotdog.”

Jorge licked his lips and nodded. He could smell the world-famous hot dogs from a block away, the peppery scent of the white chili tickled his nose and his mouth watered. He chuckled imagine himself as a dog with his tongue lulling out his mouth with his head hanging out the window.

She pulled into a parking lot and whipped the truck around cruising back to the town’s famous hot dog stand. “You want to go in or do you want me to order for us both?”

“Do you mind?” He was not up to dealing with people just yet.

“What do you want?”

“All the way.”

Giving him the once over she nodded. “Well of course, I should have known. How many, a dozen?”

He laughed. “I’m not quite man enough for a dozen but I’ll take half that.”

“Oh, I bet you could handle it.” She called in their order. “Do you want anything to drink, chips?”

He gave her his preferences and she made comments on all of them until he was ready to forget the food and find some place to sink his cock deep inside her. Shit! When was the last time a girl’s teasing comments had made him so freaking horny? Well, maybe when you haven’t had sex in forever it does something to your brain. He watched her walk down the sidewalk to the café. She had a heart-shaped ass, and long muscular legs that looked as if she could crush a man’s head between her thighs. Aw fuck, now the image of him dying between her thighs was forever imprinted on his brain. Remy should never have trusted a sex-starved jailbird to come within ten feet of his gorgeous sister. Jorge needed to remember she was his lawyer’s baby sister.

The smell of garlic, onions, spices and processed meat assaulted his senses. “Oh fuck me.”

“Gladly but why don’t we eat first. You’ll need your strength.”

Jorge stopped breathing.

She laughed. “Damn, I was just kidding but now I’m interested. How long has it been?”

“Unless you’re planning to do something about it, I suggest you stop baiting the bear or haven’t you learned yet, we bite.”

“Okay, I’ll quit teasing you but for the record, I was only half teasing.”

He growled.

Roxy’s Betrayal is available for pre-order. The eBook goes live February 5th, it will be 99 cents through Sunday, February 7th then the price goes up! Don’t wait!

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On The Porch with Debut Author, A J Andersen

A J Andersen, author, happy wife, firefighter mom, book reviewer

Current release: Finding Faye

Upcoming release: Acquiring Analise

I met A J through a Romance Loop on Instagram. I meet the coolest people online. A J is a debut author of romantic suspense.

Welcome to my Creekside Café. You describe yourself as a happy wife and firefighter mom…How many years married and tell me who is a firefighter?

I’m also a firefighter mom, my youngest son is a volunteer firefighter and first responder, as well as on the water search and rescue, and land search and rescue teams. We live in a rural area. He’s also a diver for underwater recovery.

AJ: My husband and I have been together for 21 years. Married for 16. We have one son and he is both a volunteer firefighter and first responder with our rural fire department and a wildland firefighter for the US Forest Service.

Sherri: Your son is probably like mine, living in a rural community, they have to wear a lot of hats. Whenever anyone asks for volunteers for more training, my son is one of the first to step forward. He recently spoke at our local writers’ group and he is the muse for my upcoming novel, Red Steel.

I just started reading Finding Faye, it is a fabulous story. I can’t believe this is your debut novel. Tell our readers about it?

AJ: Finding Faye is the story of childhood friends (with a large age gap) who become separated due to circumstances beyond their control.  There’s suspense and excitement, as well as love and sexy times when they find themselves reunited.

Sherri: You write reviews, how would you review your own story?

AJ: Oh, cheese and crackers! I have such a hard time writing reviews.

AJ Andersen introduces her K&S Securities Series with Travis and Faye. Childhood friends despite a significant age gap. The pair keep in touch into Faye’s teen years when all hell breaks loose in her world.

One short letter reaches him while serving active duty overseas, and though he wants to be there for her he can’t just leave… and by the time he can, he’s too late.

For several years, Finding Faye becomes his main prerogative, even while building a life out of the military and a successful business, he does it all with the goal of helping the girl who he cared about like a little sister.

When they reconnect, their worlds collide in the best, and scariest of ways. Taken by the mob, Faye needs Travis’ help and this time he swears he will not let her down

Finding Faye is AJ Andersen’s debut romantic suspense, it is a fast paced, never let you go ride. It sets you up with great supporting characters that you will want to take the time to get to know!

Sherri: A very good description, and harder to write than the novel itself.

I love the cover of Finding Faye, did you design it yourself?

AJ: Talia at Book Cover Kingdom designed my cover! She is amazing and I highly recommend that anyone looking for a designer check her out.

Sherri: What are some of the things you have learned since publishing your first novel that you had no idea about before?

AJ: Lol! This whole process was new to me! I didn’t know anything at all! I have been fortunate to meet some awesome people along the way who were willing to share their knowledge and that has been everything! The funniest thing I learned is that I never knew that the rules had changed regarding double spacing after a period.  Let me tell you, finding all those double spaces during my final edit was a nightmare!

Sherri: You have a great presence on social media, have you worked in marketing or in the computer industry?

AJ: NO! I’ve literally been winging it since the day I discovered there was this thing called bookstagram! I have worked my entire adult life in healthcare.

Sherri: You read a lot of books and do reviews on your blog, what are your favorite genres, your favorite authors?

AJ: I’m pretty much a sucker for romance. I LOVE a happily ever after, even if getting to it is painful. I have way too many favorites to list, but I would love to meet Meghan March and Melissa Foster!

Sherri: Who or what has been the greatest influence on your own writing?

AJ: This is a hard one. I would have to just say that reading has been my biggest influence. That and my relationship with my husband.  Times get tough and love is often the only thing that holds things together. 

Sherri: Have you always been a writer?

AJ: Yep. I neglected it for a while… years really, but I always said someday I will write a book. So, I finally did it!

Sherri: What’s your next creative project?

AJ: I’m currently editing the second book in my K & S Securities Series. For anyone who has read Finding Faye, it will be Ana and Xavier’s story.  I have 2 more stories in the series started and notes for at least 2 more. Each story will focus on a different couple, but all / or most of the usual characters will be involved. They DO need to be read in order to get the full story.

Sherri: Where do you see your writing career in five years?

AJ: I will still be writing. I know that much. I’m having way too much fun with it to stop. I hope to be at least selling enough of my books to cover my overhead, but either way I should still be around!

Sherri: Thank you so much of joining A J and I today at the Café. Check out A J’s social media sites and don’t forget to look for Finding Faye on Amazon.






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Since she was a teenager AJ Andersen has plotted and planned to write romance, but life got in the way… until one day the stories in her head woke her up in the middle of the night and she started writing them down. On her phone. For months. Until she broke down and bought a laptop of her own.

She is a sucker for nice guys and the women who love them! There are enough jerks out here in the real world and she just doesn’t want to give them any space in her writing. The bad guys get to be jerks, her heroes will always be good men who will go to any lengths to love and protect the lovely women they give their hearts to.

When she isn’t writing, AJ is busy traveling with her husband of 21 years, caring for her menagerie of farm animals and tending her garden and a jungle of house plants in the Pacific Northwest.

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June Promo

Before I became a writer, I was a reader. I love books. I read them on my phone, listen to them on my phone and buy them from authors, book stores and Amazon. Do you love books? Do you need an Amazon Gift Card? You don’t have to spend the money on books, but why wouldn’t you?

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Seven Favorite Books

I recently played a game on Instagram showing pictures of my favorite books for a week. Only one book per day, how could I limit my favorite books to only seven? I choose books that held a memory, a turning point or something that touched my life. I could only use pictures, no words to tell you how these books affected me. As a writer, I felt compelled to share why I chose these seven books. I could list so many books that have changed my life, given me hope or perspective, or simply opened my eyes. Perhaps I’ll do another article and tell you about more books and what they have meant to me.

Day one: Sabrina Jeffries’ “The Truth about Lord Stoneville.”6545791e-f532-4a3c-8c1a-b5b18efa2ec3-40633-00000a0270c53c39

I have been a fan of Sabrina Jeffries for many years but in truth, the love I have for this book is more about my husband, than about Ms. Jeffries. This is the book David bought for me after our house burned down. Now, many of you will question, why a book when we needed underwear and socks and so much more. I am a book-aholic. Books are the escape that helps me deal with the realities of life. Reading relaxes me and renews my spirit. I needed a book like a drunkard needs a drink.

I’d had tubs of books in our old house, many of which can never be replaced. David understood my need for a book and he took care of that need.  He took me, weary and half-crazed, to Books-a-Million and told me I could have any book I wanted. The display of Sabrina Jeffries’ newest book caught my eye. I’d read her School for Heiresses series and they always made me smile. I needed that levity in my life right then.

Disappearing into a book for a few minutes each day allowed me to regain my composure and prepared me to take on the next phase of our life. The pages of “The Truth about Lord Stoneville” entertained me and allowed me to travel to a time where someone else’s woes were more important than anything happening in real life, for a brief respite anyway. I loved this series, The Hellions of Halstead Hall, and appreciate all the hours of reprieve I was able to enjoy thanks to the talents of Ms. Sabrina Jeffries.


Day two: “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith


I read this book as a young teen and discovered the strength of women. I was still under the illusion that my mother wasn’t very strong and wanted to rebel against her gentleness and humility. This book gave me a better understanding of women, my mother and even myself. I saw through Francie’s eyes the hardships women often go through and the things they will do or put up with in order to secure a better future for their children.

There are many correlations between Francie’s life and my own, though thankfully my dad wasn’t a drunkard, nor a singing waiter. My dad was an electrician who owned his own business and later began working construction. Anyone who has dealt with construction knows it is an insecure lifestyle. Dad once told me, when he still had his own business that, either everybody wanted you or nobody did. I also saw my parents, especially my mother work hard on a job then come home and work some more. I didn’t appreciate all they did to make a life for me until I too began making a home for my own family.

“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” also opened my eyes to a different place, a different time and the sameness of life. It is the book that made me look at people and wonder at their stories. How was their life different from mine, how was it the same? There are still parts of this story that come to mind forty years later. It is a classic, for it still has wisdom to impart.

Day three: “Shanna” by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss


I chose this book because it was the first historical romance I’d ever read. It began my love for the genre and it was the first book I ever read that I was able to discuss with friends.

My friend’s step-mom, Jean, had just finished the book and I saw it. It looked interesting and I asked to read it. I devoured the book. I stayed up late at night with my lamp under the covers reading this book. My firefighter friends are freaking out about the lamp under the covers. I melted the back of the lamp. It was never the same afterwards, but then, neither was I.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about the “bodice rippers” of the seventies and eighties. How romance gave us unreal expectations for life. The truth is, these books showed us what brave women might go through to gain their freedom. That a woman in history must learn to fight for what she wants and be willing to go against societies’ expectations. One of my favorite slogans is: “Women who behave, rarely make history.” I believe that is also true of historical fiction, but it is definitely true of change.

Gloria Steinem and the women’s movement were not the first women to fight conformity. All through history women have sought their independence, their right to an education, to own property, to become doctors, scientists, etc. Romance novels encourage women to be who they are. It’s okay to be a wife and mother and take care of the home, but it is also fine to do something different. Here, amid the pages of these books, we learn to believe there are other options. Romance novels are a feminist movement.

Day four: Corrie Ten Boom’s “The Hiding Place”


This book may surprise some of you who have read my novel “Chrome Pink.” Believe it or not, I attended three years of Christian private school and went to a Free Will Baptist college. These were both good and bad experiences. Attending a Christian school opened my eyes to religion in many ways. Unfortunately, it also created more questions and obstacles to my own faith.

Still, I consider myself a Christian, though I know I don’t always live up to that title. Thankfully, it is by grace and not my works that I am saved. Like all religions, it is about belief, faith and seeking understanding.

“The Hiding Place,” takes place during world war two. It is about the war and its atrocities, but it is mostly about a woman’s faith, strength and courage. Corrie Ten Boom and her family were Dutch. They rescued many Jews, believing it was their duty as Christians. They risked their own lives and their freedom to help others.

To do the right thing often comes with a high price tag. To risk it all for people who didn’t even believe the same as they did is mindboggling. The Ten Boom family were caught and incarcerated, most of the family died in prison. Corrie tells of the life before the concentration camps and after they were imprisoned. It is a moving story of love for her family, especially her sister, and a story that will inspire you no matter your religion. As a Christian, it was a measuring stick of faith, as a woman, it was a measure of courage.



Day five: “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett


My class read this book when I was in the third grade (just a few years ago). My teacher, Ms. Krigger had us do a craft project about the story. This was my first solo craft project and my first to explain a story. Crafting, reading and writing have been my loves ever since.

I’d always loved to have mama read me a story or listen when stories were read in class. I was finally developing the ability to read and understand big chapter books on my own and the world was opening up to me. Having a teacher that encouraged us to experience books in different ways: book reports, craft projects, discussion, etc. made reading even more fun. It is a love that has lasted a lifetime.

Day six: Jayne Ann Krentz’ “Eclipse Bay”


I’m not positive “Eclipse Bay” is the first book I read by Jayne Ann Krentz. I started reading Amanda Quick’s historical romances and loved them. I’d read through everything the library could get for me and wanted more. My friend, Robina suggest I read Jayne Ann Krentz, but she wrote contemporary romances. I didn’t read contemporary romances. The only books I wanted to read were historicals or histories. Then Robina told me Jayne was Amanda and urged me to give it a try. From there I was hooked. I also read her futuristic science fiction romance novels penned under Jayne Castle.

Not only did this open up my reading to more genres but it also opened my writing to more. I’d been trying to write a great historical romance, doing years of research and writing and then hiding it all under the bed, except for the one that disappeared inside the computer to never been seen again. This was before the cloud and before I’d learned to back everything up on disc and later thumb drives. It was because of Jayne Ann Krentz that I started trying to write contemporary romance, she is also the one who influenced my suspense/thriller side.

Day seven: “The Blue Virgin” by M K Graff


I debated adding “The Blue Virgin” to the list. There are so many books to name but the truth is, without “The Blue Virgin” there would be no “Chrome Pink.”

I have said it a few times, how Marni Graff is my mentor and without her I would not be published. I met Marni shortly before she published “The Blue Virgin.” She had started a group called “The Writers’ Read.” We met in a bakery on Main Street in Washington until the bakery closed. Marni, then moved the group to Belhaven. I and a group of friends started traveling to Belhaven every couple of months because we loved the format Marni used to help writers. Her critiquing and discussions allowed us to learn in a free flow of information and questions. Her encouragement, passion for writing and her willingness to proof read and critique were invaluable but the greatest gift she gave me, was her belief in me and my talent. She even pitched my story to an agent she met at a conference.

Marni, my librarian little sister Robina, my big sis Denise, my sons, my husband and our parents, friends and neighbors have all pushed, encouraged, listened and celebrated my first book. Each of them has had a part in seeing my dream come true. Each of these books I have chosen has been an influence on me as a person and as a writer. There are more books, more authors, more stories but that is for another today. I hope when you read a book, you will find solace, excitement, enlightenment and perhaps a little inspiration. If some day, that book is one I wrote, then I will have fulfilled a dream. Happy reading!