Roxy’s Betrayal Cover Reveal Party

Janie dove at her, pushing Roxanne up against the armoire. She ripped the letters from her hand. “If you want to keep a secret, you shouldn’t stand in front of a mirror.” Moving a few feet away from Roxanne, Janie studied at the envelopes. Her eyes blurring with unshed tears as she stared back at Roxanne accusingly. “You’ve had these all this time?” Janie asked, her voice cracking. “You had these, and you kept them from me?” Continue reading Roxy’s Betrayal Cover Reveal Party

On Writing Roxy

There’s always been something a little more fun, maybe a bit more challenging to write a character who isn’t exactly good. Roxy is the youngest of the Harrell sisters, she’s spoiled, egotistical and a bit of a screw up, according to her family. Those who remember her from school would have labeled her beautiful, talented, even sexy…if they were being kind. She is the girl … Continue reading On Writing Roxy

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Creekside Cafe Chat with Joanna Warrington

Welcome Joanna to my virtual café. If I ever win the lottery, I’ll build a real café on the edge of the creek where I can sit on the porch in warm weather and talk to fellow authors about books and writing. Right now, we are in the cold and rainy season here in eastern North Carolina. We rarely get snow so close to the … Continue reading Creekside Cafe Chat with Joanna Warrington

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So Long 20-20 Happy New Year 2021, Good-Bye 2020 This year has been filled with many ups and downs. While some of you have been forced into quarantine and sought to fill your time with delicious books, I and many others were considered essential employees. For those of us blessed or forced to remain on the job, we’ve had to deal with more regulations and responsibilities. While … Continue reading So Long 20-20

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A Southern Christmas

“How do you do it?” Heather Lang asked pushing her dark red hair off her neck as White Christmas played over the store’s speakers. “Do what?” Britany picked up another ornament and put it in her basket. Her attention divided between the colorful array of Christmas ornaments and her friend’s question. The two women were neighbors having moved in across the hall from each other … Continue reading A Southern Christmas

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How to Fail at Flirting

How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams Narrated by January LaVoy By the title I expected “How to Fail at Flirting” to be a lovely rom-com, and while Ms. Williams entertained with a few palm-to-the-forehead moments, it soon became apparent that this was a serious story of one woman’s journey of trust. Dr. Naya Turner should have it all. She is a strong, beautiful … Continue reading How to Fail at Flirting