Celebrating Paying Taxes

I say taxes and I can hear most of you groan. People are always complaining about having to pay the government a percentage of their hard-earned money. I’ve probably complained about it myself. But signing up to pay sales tax to the North Carolina Department of Revenue wasn’t just about giving the state my money. It was a milestone. I’m celebrating paying taxes because it … Continue reading Celebrating Paying Taxes

I Thought I was a Romance Writer, Part II

My time with my agent ended somewhat abruptly. At first, I was devastated and depressed, but I soon realized she’d done the right thing. For whatever reason, we’d not found our comfort zone with each other. Trust and good communication are extremely important when working with an agent, publisher or editor. I believe it is necessary to have mutual respect and a similar vision for … Continue reading I Thought I was a Romance Writer, Part II

I Thought I was a Romance Writer

I was supposed to be a romance writer. At least that is what I believed when I first started writing. I thought I wanted to write historical romances, they were my first love. When I fell in love with contemporary romance it was after reading Jayne Ann Krentz who also writes historicals as Amanda Quick. Contemporary romance, especially the subgenres of romantic mysteries, thrillers and … Continue reading I Thought I was a Romance Writer

I Need a Hero

What Makes a Man a Hero? I have six sons, a loving husband and several male relatives, all could be romantic heroes, at least to those who love them. We have military men, construction workers and volunteer firemen, first responders, dedicated fathers and Scout leaders, all embody the manly men who set feminine hearts aflutter. They are all good looking too, of course I’m probably … Continue reading I Need a Hero