Christmas party in July

Evergreen Crystals was supposed to be my first true romance but as I was writing it I just got stuck.

After attending a writers’ retreat weekend with my friend Adrienne Dunning, she made me realize that what I enjoyed writing was suspense thrillers with romantic elements.

That night I started rewriting Evergreen Crystals and it became more than I expected it to be.

I hope you enjoy this holiday romance with its festive lights and wedding preparations.

Holidays, weddings and babies are wonderful until someone ends up dead.

Who will be accused of murder and will Rae and Logan make it to the church on time without handcuffs or explosions?

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2 thoughts on “Christmas party in July

  1. Sherri, you simply amaze me with your tenacity to write. I’ve started three novels after being inspired in Murfreesboro to write something other than kid’s books. But none are complete…. grrrr…maybe someday I’ll finish. I just downloaded the book.

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