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Easy Pasta-Laya

3 Pork chops

3 Chicken breasts  

1 stick Butter  

Creole seasonings (I use a lot)

8 ounces Pasta shells or bow ties

1-can crushed tomatoes

½ cup salsa or picante sauce

4 teaspoons flour

¼ cup milk

It’s a bit of work to make but if you do it in stages it’s not too bad. I start by cooking my pork chops, I double what I need so I can eat the chops one night and chop up the other for later. I sauté the pork chops in butter and Creole seasoning saving the cooking liquid.

Chop up pork chops and add cut up chicken breast to slow cooker with left over cooking liquid, tomatoes, Creole seasoning and picante or salsa. You can serve this over rice one night or go ahead and make the pasta-laya.

Boil pasta in salty water, when cooked, strain. Save some of the salted pasta water and set aside. In a separate pot, melt four tablespoons of butter add flour making a roux. Stir in milk, add in soup from slow cooker until flour roux is loosened. Stir until smooth. Add in meat once it is well incorporated you can add in pasta. If needed add a little pasta water to loosen.

It’s really great with cheesy jalapeno cornbread.


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