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Sarra Cannon’s Publish and Thrive Course

I’m an alumni of Sarra’s Publish and Thrive Course and a huge fan of her Heart Breathing YouTube Channel. If you are an unpublished author or one who has yet to reach their full potential, you will benefit from taking this program. I did!

The price of the course for this round is $399 if you pay in full. Sarra is also offering a 6-month payment plan of $75/month. It’s worth it! I have learned so much from this program and from following Sarra on YouTube.

I have become an affiliate of Sarra’s Publish and Thrive. If you sign up using my link I’ll be rewarded but if you have been following me on social media you know how much I love Sarra and her methods. I would promote this course with or without the reward.

Sarra Cannon has such an uplifting spirit. She teaches the course in such a way that you will be inspired and I guarantee you will learn something! I wish I’d taken her classes before publishing my first book but even if you have already published and made mistakes, she can help you fix them. Thank goodness!

Since taking Sarra’s course I have increased my sales. I will be auditing the course in August to refresh my thoughts and because I can. Some of the great things about taking this course: Sarra, the Publish and Thrive Facebook group, and the alumni group. Once you take Sarra’s programs, you have the freedom to view the videos at anytime or you will be invited to sit in on the newest version of the course at no extra cost. You get a lifetime of Sarra and Publish and Thrive! Ne do the math!

The course begins with Module 1 on Monday, August 10th, and will run until Friday, September 11th.

The HB90 will start that following Sunday on September 13th. I also took that program and for someone as unorganized as me, that was a major eye-opener!

My Affiliate Link:

Students also have the option to bundle Publish And Thrive with HB90 in September for a rate of $499 or a payment plan of $90/month for 6 months.


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