Destiny’s Captive

by Beverly Jenkins, Narrated by Thomas Penny (Audiobook)

Nightmares still haunt the handsome captain, Noah Yates, years after his enforced servitude as a sailor onboard a ship. Two good things came out of that time, his friendship with his partner who was Shanghied that same night and his love of the sea. 

While his brothers and now, his mother are basking in new-found love and matrimony, Noah knows he’ll never find a woman he’d be able to marry. He could never trust a woman with the darkness that haunts his soul. He’s never told anyone about those first weeks after being captured. He couldn’t stand to see their pity or worse, let them see the monster he was capable of becoming.

But Noah never expected to meet the granddaughter of a pirate and be challenged by her in every way. Pilar steals not only his ship, but his heart.

Beverly Jenkins brings to life characters who make you swoon. Not only are the men heroic but so are the women. This is one of the best stories of enemies to lovers, and feminism in romance. If you like your romances with adventure and the spirit of adventurous characters, then this is a perfect story for you.

The richness of Thomas Penny’s voice is a delicious addition to this story. It’s like chocolate ganache on a dark chocolate cake. It’s textured and smooth, a great asset to an already wonderful story. As an audiobook listener, the narrator is an important part of the experience. Thomas Penny is a narrator I will look for in the future.    

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