Interview with Cat Stein

S L Hollister, author

Today I’m visiting with my new writer friend, Catherine “Cat” Stein.

I met Cat through our Facebook group, The New Romance Café. We’re both contributors to the upcoming spring anthology,“Love in Bloom.”My story is a romantic suspense calledR and R. The R and R is supposed to stand from rest and relaxation, but it’s more like romance and revenge. What’s the name of your story, Cat?

Cat:Love is in the Airship, it’s a steampunk romance,with pirates, danger, a mechanical snake, and as always, a feisty heroine

Sherri: Wow, that sounds like a fun read. I’m excited about the anthology but let’s come back to that. You are a native of Ann Arbor, Michigan? It probably seems warm here in eastern North Carolina compared to Michigan. We’re having a fairly mild winter so far.

Cat:Haha. Nothing mild in Michigan. We had…

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