Chatting with Jess Taylor at Creekside Cafe

S L Hollister, author

Welcome to Creekside Café, West Virginia author, Jess
Taylor. It’s great to have you here. Jess and I met on The New Romance Café
Facebook Group and we are both part of the upcoming spring romance anthology,
“Love in Bloom.”

Jess: Thanks for
this opportunity. It’s been great getting to know you. Can I just say I love
your book titles…I’ve been waiting forever to tell you that in person. I don’t
know where you got that idea from but those are cool!

Sherri: Thank
you. Chrome
came about because of the Harley my character Rae Lynn restored
for breast cancer. My mom was actually the inspiration for the title, she liked
that country song, “Her favorite color is Chrome…” My mentor, Marni Graff uses
color in the titles of her Nora Tierney cozy mysteries. I asked if she minded
if I stole her idea. For the Leeward…

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