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Tired but Still Standing

It’s been a busy couple of months. I’m tired but happy. I have a new grandson, three weeks old today and very handsome. He was born just before hurricane Florence made her appearance.
We had some worry during the storm. The news kept saying it was going to be a bad one, originally a category 4. My oldest son’s home and family were in the path of the storm, my youngest a member of our local fire and rescue willingly put himself in the path of danger, and my next youngest chose to evacuate having experienced flooding during Irene. With three little girls, my son who evacuated made the right choice. Though not as bad as Irene, Florence flooded many low lying areas, hitting Bay City Road, Royal, parts of Campbell’s Creek, South Creek, Isle View Beach and the older streets of the town of Aurora. While we didn’t have the damage New Bern, Pollocksville, Wilmington, Oriental and others experienced, a week with no electricity took its toll. Most of us lost a few shingles, some food and some tree limbs, the next youngest was displaced after water buckled the floors of his home. I’m thankful all of my children are all safe and their damage fixable.
Our local writers’ group just finished a huge event, the Carnival of Books. It was the first we’ve done―successful but chaotic. Due to damage left by hurricane Florence, the Hands On Arts Festival shared space with us creating good energy, more traffic and a bit of chaos. I didn’t sell any books but I enjoyed meeting the other authors. All in all, I believe it was a success.
To add to the craziness, I just finished the sequel to Chrome Pink, White Gold. I am now working on publicity, arranging book signings and online promotions. It’s also past time to work on the Pamlico Writers’ anthology and start the process for the annual conference.
I’m looking forward to the Heart of Carolina’s annual Fall Conference, Saturday, October 13th. Finally, an event I don’t have to plan, promote and work. The added bonus, two of my favorite people will be giving presentations: Sabrina Jeffries and Sarra Cannon, plus I’ll be attending with two of my writer friends. Writer Girls’ Road Trip!


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