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Fall Conference October 13th

The Heart of Carolina is preparing for our annual fall conference. This year, two of my favorite people will be giving presentations: Sabrina Jeffries and Sarra Cannon.
I’ve not met Sarra in person but she has been the instructor for several online classes I’ve taken. I follow her on social media, her excitement and experience as an indie author coupled with her husband’s computer technology are an award-winning combination. Sarra’s blog posts for indie authors is an amazing resource for new, as well as experienced, authors. Her presentation, “How to Thrive as an Indie Author” is a must if you are planning to self-publish. I am so excited that Sarra will be one of the presenters at HCRW conference.
Sabrina Jeffries is also a presenter this year. I was a fan of Sabrina’s work long before I met her but I have never forgotten her kindness to a new member of HCRW. I mean, oh my God, she’s Sabrina Jeffries and she talked to me! Her personality and genuine love of writing and people makes her a great presenter. She gave a skype program to our small-town library earning a few more fans among my friends. Sabrina’s presentation, “Writing and Researching a Salable Historical Romance,” may not seem like something a contemporary romantic suspense author would find useful but I have found that there is always something to learn. Besides, it’s Sabrina Jeffries, I’d listen to her recite the phone book.
I’m looking forward to reuniting with many dear friends from Heart of Carolina. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend many of the regular monthly meetings and often feel like a newbie. Kate Parker was great about allowing me to hitch hike with her to meetings whenever I could get time off work. Her friendship and her long-standing with HCRW gave me an added connection. She has moved across country but her friendship and kindness will be a continued legacy.
Attending with two, fairly-new friends, I’m excited to share this experience with them. It’s going to be a girls’ road trip. The three us of are new to publishing, Adrienne Dunning has had the most experience with two full novels and a novella to her name. She’s been a member of HCRW for several years but like me has been unable to attend due to work and distance. I recently published my second novel and I’m still learning. Tammy Cooper is days away from launching her first novel. She recently revealed the cover of her book, Drenched Sunflowers, and it is gorgeous. All three of us write contemporary romance but with different sub-genres and heat levels. It will be fun to talk books and publishing on the trip to Raleigh and discuss the presentations on the ride home. I’m really looking forward to this event and even the ride to and from, though I really hope one of them is willing to drive.
I hope to see you all at the Heart of Carolina Fall Conference, if you haven’t signed up, do so. You don’t have to be a member to attend but if you write romance, why not join? RWA is a great organization and HCRW is a fabulous group.


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