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Insufficient Kitchen 

Insufficient funds or weird grocery snafus have been the bane of my adult life. Raising six boys we went through some groceries and there were times before payday when what was left in the house was not what you’d need to make a meal. Somehow, I managed to feed six boys (sometimes more) on whatever I had in the house. My children often tease me that I need to go on an episode of Chopped, especially the leftovers program. I’ve learned to be creative when stretching our food budget and tried to never let anything go to waste.Now that David and I are living mostly kid-free, I’m still grocery-challenged. With no local grocery store I find myself at the end of what I have in the kitchen and wondering Now what? Yesterday I fried sausage for breakfast but felt too bad (pollen attack) to fix what I really wanted. So tonight, when I came home from work I decided leftover sausage and I’ll make homemade cheese biscuits. I was also thinking about doing something with the apples in the fridge.

I keep sharp cheddar around for my husband who could eat a whole block with crackers by himself, surprisingly I had nearly a whole block left. I pealed apples and put them in my frying pan with apple cider vinegar and cinnamon liqueur, while they were softening I added spices and some ginger-sugar I’d made. I added raisins and brown sugar and just let it cook-down. I cut up the cheese and pulled out flour, Crisco and a stick of real butter to make my biscuits but one problem, no milk. Shoot. I didn’t have much half and half either. I’ve sometimes used sour cream in my biscuits, it works as good as buttermilk but no sour cream. Okay, now is when my weird culinary habits take over. I pulled out the mayonnaise and scooped several heaping spoons full into my flour mixture. I few precious drops of my coveted coffee creamer (half and half) and some water. I mixed, rolled and added cheese then shoved them in the oven. I took the leftover dough, added more flour, patted it into the bottom of a cake pan. I poured my apple mixture over it and topped it with more dough. I melted a stick of butter and poured it over the whole mess and it went into the oven. I washed the frying pan and then heated up my sausage.

Supper consisted of cheese and sausage biscuits which were delicious but a little crumbly. They really had the best taste and it wasn’t mayonnaise-y either. A few scoops of vanilla ice cream and a hunk of my apple cobbler stuff and I finally had my craving satisfied. Now of course I want seconds but I’ll be good, for now.


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