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How do you feel about an animal’s Point of View?

I just listened to Suspect by Robert Crais. I wasn’t sure how I’d like a story told in part in a dog’s point of view but hearing Maggie’s thoughts and reactions are vital to the story. She is as important a character as Scott, her new handler. The story is as much about their relationship and healing as it is about the detective work. 

If you love detective stories and dogs, this heartwarming tale of Maggie’s second chance and Scott’s determination to remain a cop is a story worth reading or listening to. 
Robert Crais blends human and animal reactions into a murder mystery ripe with intrigue. His characterization of Scott and Maggie are so real I can touch them. 

Narrator MacLeod Andrews gives a great performance as he brings the story to life. This is one of those stories I want to read/hear again. 

How do you feel about animal points of view? Do they work? Are they a gimmick? This is the first one I’ve read/listened to where the animal character has been a serious and integral part of the story.


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