Happy Father’s Day 

Father’s Day Doesn’t Have The Same Meaning
Many of us who no longer have fathers living, Father’s Day takes on a different meaning. Remembering my dad during this time is inevitable, his birthday and Father’s Day fall so close together. One thing I remember my dad telling me, “when you were young, I couldn’t wait for you to get older and now that you are, I wish you were young again.” I think every parent feels this way at times, especially when your baby is crying and can’t tell you what’s wrong or when your preschooler is having a temper tantrum. I won’t even bring up the discussion of teenagers, but my boys know they are lucky to have achieved adulthood!
This year Father’s Day has a new meaning. My youngest son faces first time fatherhood. I have no fear that he’ll be a great dad! He’s had some pretty awesome role models! His father who forged two families into one, has been wonderfully unbiased. Becoming father and stepfather to all our boys with an ease I envy. While working hard to support his family, David kept vehicles running, wood cut for heating and even served as Scout leader and assistant coach for baseball. Raising six sons isn’t easy but there’s no one I’d rather have at my side!
My father-in-law has always taken an active role with his grandchildren! He was Webelos leader, he worked the Saint Jude Bikeathon and was present whenever he was needed. He still drops everything to be there for the kids. Teaching Sunday school, vacation Bible school and ready to lend a hand with whatever project or problem any of us might have!
My dad who was more reserved was happy to help when asked. Supported the boys accomplishments, enjoyed their sporting events and was always up for a game of chance!
Blake is the last of the six to become a dad, his brothers, each different, are beautiful reminders that there is no one way to be a dad. From the brothers who work hard and play hard and have found a way to make their family part of the things they love to do! To the ones with young daughters and are wrapped around their little fingers. Who know there is nothing wrong with wearing pink, even with a beard! To the brothers with children who came half-grown. Who show the same willingness as their dad to blend a family into one unstoppable unit! To the ones who have to be away from their children for long periods of time due to work or separation from their mothers, making the most of the time they have together! 
Being a dad isn’t easy but the best dads are the ones who do their best! Showing up, trying, listening and loving, that’s what I remember about my dad, he did his best! He wasn’t perfect but he was mine and I wish he was still here!  
Happy Father’s Day to all those who keep trying!