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Happy Memorial Day 

Some Gave All
I am so thankful that all of my people who have served in the military from uncles and friends in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Irac and Afghanistan have all returned home. Some families were not as lucky.
While I think it’s important to thank our military men and women for their service, today is about remembering the sacrifice of those who did not return home!
Freedom isn’t free 

The cost often high 

Old Glory waves 

the band plays

Oh say can you see

The Tears I shed 

For some gave all!
I take for granted 

Liberty’s pain 

My rights and freedoms 

That Star Spangled Banner 

It’s red stripes 

The soldiers’ blood 

Sacrificed for me!
Sons and daughters 

Freedom rings 

The bell tolls 

For you and me 

Remember the past 

Don’t repeat it 

Liberty stands on shaky ground!
Remember the fallen 

Our heroes in arms 

Remember their families 

The empty place in the hearts 

Remember them 

For they paid the cost 

Freedom isn’t Free!


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