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What Happens Under the Mistletoe 

What Happens Under the Mistletoe Sabrina Jeffries, Karen Hawkins, Candace Camp and Meredith Duran 
I bought this Christmas Anthology because, as most of you know I adore Sabrina Jeffries. Not only is she a wonderful writer she is also a fabulous person. Having met her in person her books hold an even greater appeal. 
I love that she does a series using secondary characters we’ve met in prior books or another series. It makes them feel like family. Ms. Jeffries’ novella “The Heiress and the Hothead ” brought back characters from previous books who were merely back ground characters. 
Lord Stephen Corry and Miss Amanda Keane could not be a greater mismatch. Stephen is an impassioned journalist on a mission and as a mill owner, Amanda is everything he is crusading against! Not only his cause separates the would-be lovers but he is an Englishman and she an American. With her mills in America it isn’t likely Amanda will choose to stay in England. How could they be together when their lives are so far apart?
Sabrina Jeffries is an artisan. Her ability to mold the story into a beautiful sculpture of love and passion is nothing less than breathtaking. I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading the rest of the Sinful Suitors series.
Not to take anything away from Sabrina but to say that her novella was my favorite in this anthology would be difficult to do because I loved them all! Finding new writers is like a new love, I’m giddy and excited with my new discovery. “Twelve Kisses to Midnight ” by Karen Hawkins was a delightful story of second chances and learning to take what you want! 
Kenna and Marcus’ story is an explosion waiting to happen! Their passion bubbles to the surface and they are sure to be consumed by it! Add in a fun cast of characters and a snow storm and we have a recipe for rekindled romance.
One of my favorite characters was Tata Natasha, she might be old but she still has fire in her blood! Her machinations border those of a matchmaker. A little intrigue, a little romance and a woman finding her strength. I love strong heroines who are willing to fight for what they want even if it’s the hero she’s fighting.
I will have to check out Karen Hawkins’ Duchess Diaries series!
I am ordering anything I can find by Candace Camp! Her novella “By Any Other Name ” is a wonderful adventure into the dangerous pursuit of righteousness and happiness. When Rylla Campbell sneaks out to search for her brother. Hoping to find him before Christmas, she is unaware of the dangers that linger in the dark. The greatest danger might be to her own heart. 
When Gregory Rose rescues her from a cutthroat he discovers more than he bargained for. I have to give kudos to Ms. Camp, a heroine of strength and conviction who is willing to come to the rescue of one she loves. Her portrayal of such a strong character and the man who loves her, fabulous! I want more heroes and heroines like this! I want to be Rylla!
“Sweetest Regret ” by Meredith Duran was a great ending to a beautiful, sweet and sometimes funny love story. It is a great example of how our own insecurities and a little manipulation can ruin a life. 
Seeing Georgiana Trent deftly handle a room of obnoxious diplomats and the task her father has laden her with while simultaneously dealing with the man she’d once believed would be her husband, shows a character of depth and strength. 
I love that Georgie stood up and claimed the man she loved, taking a chance on the future!

I will definitely check out Meredith’s Rules for the Reckless Regency series!
Even after Christmas these will be excellent stories to read and enjoy! An excellent anthology!


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