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Christmas Revels II

Christmas Revels II: Four Regency Novellas By: Hannah Meredith, Anna D. Allen, Kate Parker and Louisa Cornell
These four writers have very different styles but the one thing they agree on is strong characters.
Hannah Meredith’s A Christmas Equation is a second chance at love story set during a house party. A mistake turns into renewed friendship and rekindled love if they can just overcome the mistakes of the past! I love the fact that Ben is a red headed giant with the unheroic love of mathematics and hunting setters. I have a thing for red heads! 
Anna D. Allen shows us older characters experiencing first love in The Vicar’s Christmas. When Mr. Henry Ogden proves a wiley vicar can be heroic under the right circumstances and even strong women need someone who is willing to stand beside them. This was a lovely story of brains over brawn! A perfect match!
In Crimson Snow Kate Parker unravels several mysteries including the truth about the Earl of Beckinham. A murder, conspiracy and a new chance for a happy ever after. Strong, resourceful Jane Merrywether has been at the mercy of a tyrant for years when he dies a horrible death she becomes a suspect. Her quick thinking and John Rexford’s protection keeps her from being labeled a murder. 
Ebenezer Miserington just wants a peaceful Christmas in Louisa Cornell’s A Perfectly Unregimented Christmas. With four wild urchins, a family secret and the fiesty and beautiful Mrs Winters peace is the last thing he’ll find. But Lord Pennyworth soon learns that often what we need is just the opposite of what we think we want. This funny and heartwrenching story will have you laughing and crying and fill you with the joy of Christmas!

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