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Jill Sorenson’s “Wild for Him”

While taking an online class sponsored by the Romance Writers of America, the instructor was someone I was only vaguely familiar, Jill Sorenson. As with any class or workshop I take, thanks to the Kindle my son Jason sent me for my birthday a couple of years ago, I look up the author/presenter and read some of their books.
Jill Sorenson’s 2014 novella “Wild for Him” is a great love story of the unexpected kind. When life throws you into the aftermath of a natural disaster, what will you do? Gwen Tagaloa, a tattoo artist volunteers to help her neighbors in the aftermath of an earthquake. When her best friend’s estranged boyfriend contacts her because he can’t reach Helena, she never expected him to show up at the evacuation center.
Thrown together to help survivors, Mitch and Gwen work side by side and the friendship that began with their relationship with Helena develops into a mutual attraction. Only their honor and loyalty to Helena keep them from acting on their feelings. When Mitch’s relationship with Helena changes can he be the man Gwen needs him to be? Can they overcome the obstacles keeping them apart to have a real relationship?
This romantic rebound is a great example of yin and yang, the balance of opposites attracting and what makes a very hot and spicy love story.


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