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The Resurrection of Dylan McAthie

Reading eBooks, especially on my phone, has become difficult, I think it is time to admit I may need to see an eye doctor, but I couldn’t resist getting a copy of this free eBook, the first in Nancee’s Pine Bluff series. 
After meeting Nancee Cain through one of the many fabulous writers’ group on Facebook, and being invited to host her Cain Raisers Page, I interviewed Nancee for my Creekside Café and became interested in her work. Though I may never get the chance to meet Nancee in person, I feel a kinship with her, and since reading The Resurrection of Dylan McAthie, I feel an even stronger connection.
A good author makes you forget you are reading a book. When the story is really good, and the author truly talented, reading becomes an experience and find yourself amidst the story. That’s how I felt while reading The Resurrection of Dylan McAthie. I fell in love with the characters wanting to either drag Dylan off to bed, beat the crap out of him or feed him cookies and milk. While Jennifer could sometimes be annoying, so was I at nineteen.
The Resurrection of Dylan McAthie is my first taste of Nancee’s work, and it was delicious. I am looking forward to devouring more of The Pine Bluff books.
This opposite attracts, forbidden love romance is one of the best I’ve read. The contrast between bad boy Dylan and the sweet, innocent preacher’s daughter, Jennifer add another layer to the dynamics of this story.
The naive nurse who harbors a secret crush for her patient is hardly a match for the worldly ways of a rock-n-roll heart throb. While Jennifer might be innocent, she’s not spineless and she gives her patient what for. Watching this romance unfold, the setbacks and missteps is like being on an emotional roller coaster. I laughed, cried and fell in love.
Fair warning: you may lose sleep over this book.
I think this book needs to be made into a movie. Now who would we cast for Dylan?
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How to Seduce a Spy

by: Catherine Stein

Elle, a French Potions Expert, a working girl, much like a barmaid

Henry, a British spy with an aristocratic heritage

These two very different characters are thrown together in this epic tale of espionage and romance. Traveling from France to Egypt then to America and back to Europe, in search of a reason for the serum shortage.

The serum has magical properties that allows medicines to work, powers vehicles and even lights up a city, and the world is in peril without it. Together, Elle and Henry must work together to search for a new source and discover the cause for the shortage. Others do not wish their mission to succeed.

As their friendship and attraction to each other grow, so does the danger surrounding their mission. The enemy has many disguises, can they root out the true villains before it is too late?

Catherine does an excellent job of world building. If you like steampunk romances or gaslight fantasy, you are sure to love “How to Seduce a Spy.” Also, check out Catherine’s short story, “Love in the Airship” in the spring anthology, “Love In Bloom,” brought to you by The New Romance Cafe Facebook Group.

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My Lady, My Lord by Katharine Ashe

I purchased this book at the 2015 Pamlico Writers Conference after hearing Katharine Ashe speak. If you have never had that chance you must look for the opportunity, not only is Katharine a talented writer, she is also a magnificent speaker. After listening to her speak of her books I knew I had to purchase one, I ended up with three. As a member of Katharine Ashe’s fan club The Princesses, I have come to learn even more about one of my favorite authors, her joy for writing romantic fiction comes out when she speaks but especially on the pages of her books.

My Lady, My Lord was a joyous experience, I could not wait to learn what happened next but on reaching the last page felt bereft that there was no story left. This amazing tale reminiscent of Freaky Friday, is a fun romp through the impossible. Katharine makes you believe in possibilities. At first I was a little put-off by the attitudes of the hero and heroine to each other but as I read on and learned more about them and as they learned more about each other, it became obvious how such animosity could have come about. I loved, loved, loved this story, it was fun, fresh and fabulous!
If you want a little something different in your historical romance, try My Lady, My Lord you won’t regret it.

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Trust No One by: Jayne Ann Krentz

Jayne Ann Krentz is one of my favorite writers. I first fell in love with her Amanda Quick books a dozen or more years ago. My first love is historical romances. When I learned she also wrote modern romance I knew I had to check them out. Now, more than ten years after I first discovered her work, I am still in awe of her talent. Her newest release “Trust No One” delivers the love and suspense with the same thrill and enthusiasm as her first books.
Grace Elland and Julius Arkwright do not appear to be anything alike— she’s the former assistant to a positive thinking guru and he’s at the top of the venture capitalist food chain.
After finding the body of her boss, Grace becomes the #1 suspect. A crazed stalker, her past coming back to haunt her, Julius and local sheriff Devlin Nakamura, her best friend’s husband begin to suspect Grace may be a target.
Julius’ rules to live by beat out Grace’s positive thinking when she sets her mind to discover who’s trying to scare her death.
A real love story of finding the one who completes you and makes you want to be a better person.

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Jill Sorenson’s “Wild for Him”

While taking an online class sponsored by the Romance Writers of America, the instructor was someone I was only vaguely familiar, Jill Sorenson. As with any class or workshop I take, thanks to the Kindle my son Jason sent me for my birthday a couple of years ago, I look up the author/presenter and read some of their books.
Jill Sorenson’s 2014 novella “Wild for Him” is a great love story of the unexpected kind. When life throws you into the aftermath of a natural disaster, what will you do? Gwen Tagaloa, a tattoo artist volunteers to help her neighbors in the aftermath of an earthquake. When her best friend’s estranged boyfriend contacts her because he can’t reach Helena, she never expected him to show up at the evacuation center.
Thrown together to help survivors, Mitch and Gwen work side by side and the friendship that began with their relationship with Helena develops into a mutual attraction. Only their honor and loyalty to Helena keep them from acting on their feelings. When Mitch’s relationship with Helena changes can he be the man Gwen needs him to be? Can they overcome the obstacles keeping them apart to have a real relationship?
This romantic rebound is a great example of yin and yang, the balance of opposites attracting and what makes a very hot and spicy love story.