Audiobook Reveiw It’s a Long Story

It’s a Long Story by Willie Nelson and David Ritz, Narrated by Christopher Ryan Grant (Audible) Willie, Waylon and the boys…in 2015, having just turned 80, Willie shares an in-depth look at the good and bad the comprised his life, so far. While the story is narrated by Christopher Ryan Grant, he does a fabulous job of letting you hear Willie’s voice. This autobiography is … Continue reading Audiobook Reveiw It’s a Long Story

Interview with Cathy Skendrovich

My guest is Cathy Skendrovich, author of Undercover with the Nanny. Cathy welcome to my virtual café. I am so excited to have you here. Cathy and I met online through RWA’s PAN forum. For y’all who may not know, that’s Romance Writers’ of America’s professional author network. Cathey was instrumental in my starting Creekside Café. A few years ago, I tried hosting author interviews … Continue reading Interview with Cathy Skendrovich