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Fourth of July

Fourth decore 025As the Fourth of July nears, I have been thinking of what it means to me. As a child, the Fourth was about fire works and watermelons, cook-outs and fun. It wasn’t until I was in college that I learned more of what it cost our forefathers to declare our independence. Many of those who fought for our freedom never recouped their losses. They lost homes, family, titles and business. When the ties with Britain were severed there was more at stake than I ever imagined. What would I country be like if we were still under British rule? Who would we be? With a father-in-law and a dad who served during the Vietnam Conflict, I have always had a strong sense of American Pride. My dad, thankfully did not have to go to Vietnam but my father-in-law server four tours. I have had uncles and cousins in every branch of the military and in every war. Now my middle son is in the Army, he has served two tours in Afghanistan and I still feel proud to be an American. I am proud of his service but I also fear losing him. What does the Fourth of July mean to me? It means I can stand on the corner and shout out my beliefs while someone who believes just the opposite has the right to do the same. Being free isn’t easy. It is hard work. For some, the cost is very high. What would you sacrifice for freedom?


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