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Dorinda and the Doctor by Sabrina Jefferies

Sabrina Jefferies is an author I read to lift a blue mood. Her characters feel like family and dear friends, there is a sense of coming home after being on a long trip. This short story doesn’t fail to deliver. Her characters are strong and multi-layered, they are real with flaws and baggage and a longing to love and be loved. Dorinda’s view of herself mirrors what many women even today imagine as their worth. Ms. Jefferies makes me feel, empathize and care for these characters. She gave a complete story in a few short pages. Just a little appetizer as we await her next full course. If you love historical romances, especially Regency Era, then check out Sabrina Jefferies.

Her third novel in her ‘Duke’s Men’ Series “How a Scoundrel Seduces” will be out in August but you don’t have to wait, she has a lot of books you might love, my two favorites are the School for Heiresses series and The Hellion Series. After our home burned and we lost everything, we went to Walmart to buy underwear and socks and my husband took me to Books-a-million for a book to lift my spirits. I bought Sabrina Jefferies “The Truth About Lord Stoneville” the first in The Hellion Series. It took me out of my own tragedy for a little while and gave me some relief. I know there are people who poo-poo genre fiction and especially romantic fiction as not being serious fiction but this guilty pleasure has always given me something to think about, I have looked up historical and scientific information because of what I read in a romance. I have been entertained and enlightened. Where non-fiction and even some literary fiction may preach a point, romance shows us why we should love a flawed character or look a little deeper. I love romantic fiction and I am so thankful for the chance to meet some of the authors, like Ms. Jefferies of whom I am not only a fan of her work but also the person, she’s a great lady.


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