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The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn

This Mira Historical Fiction was released in 2010 so many of you may have already read it. This is a slower paced novel with beautiful descriptions and poetic language. The history and fork lore are woven seamlessly together as to be difficult to know which thread to pull. This is not your typical vampire story, the intensity and discovery are intriguing until the end. The many twists and turns of the plot keep you turning the page in hope of unraveling the Gordian knots of life in the Carpathian Mountains. The imagery and personalities are unique and multi-layered, at times the characters themselves did not know what to think or feel. When all is finally revealed, it is both surprising and believable. This bedeviling mystery is filled with paranoia and superstition, turning a normally level-headed Theodora into a passion mesmerized hedonist intent on learning all that Count Andrei is willing to share. For those who love historical fiction with a mysterious air of supernatural and a lean towards the poetically Gothic, check this out.


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