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Father’s Day

Raising six sons, five of whom are fathers gives a new meaning to father’s day. I look at our boys, grown into strong, beautiful men and I know that I am blessed. My husband became a father to my two sons, as we joined our families into one. Together we had another son and he became the one that linked us all together. Father’s Day celebrates my sons, my husband and our fathers. My dad has been gone three years now but some days it feels like just yesterday. I am blessed to have a father-in-law who steps in to help not just my husband but each of our boys.
With eleven grandchildren I know that I am blessed. We will never be wealthy but we are rich in blessings. Our sons, their families, our parents, extended family and friends, they have given us so much. To the men in my life who have been there for me, Happy Father’s Day and thank you.


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