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Celebrating Father’s Day with My Books

This year I choose White Gold and Roxy’s Betrayal to feature for Father’s Day. The eBooks are only 99 cents through the end of June.

In White Gold, Dana Windley is reunited with a father she thought never wanted her. Sam has lived his life filled with guilt believing his baby girl and her mother had died in a car accident. Suddenly faced with a family she doesn’t know, Dana is overwhelmed by what she thought she knew and the truth of why sometimes it’s best not to be found.

A new business, a new family, her work on the town’s annual beauty pageant, Dana doesn’t have time to fall in love but fate and love wait for no one and she soon finds herself tiara over heels for SBI agent Jake Monroe.

When two of her beauty contestants go missing, Dana and her friends find themselves trying to stop a sex trafficking ring. They discover this might be part of Jake’s cold case and things really heat up in the town of Leeward.

A romantic suspense thriller set in the small town of Leeward, North Carolina

Roxy is the bad sister but even bad girls need a little loving. She’ll take hers anyway she can.

Her relationship with her father is what you’d expect from a spoiled prodigal daughter. She returned home to betray her family but it was the only way she knew to save them. Who would believe she was trying to be a hero? Roxy was no one’s idea of a hero but she was all they had. She just prayed she was woman enough for the job.

My daddy isn’t here any longer but his memory lives on in my sons, in my memories and in the stories I write. He wasn’t perfect, we often butted heads, probably because we were too much alike, but he is missed and he is still a part of our lives. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there and to those who do the job of daddy, thank you for stepping up.

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Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day has a different meaning to me since my own father, James “Jimmy” Lupton passed away. I am thankful for the time I had with my dad. He was a good man, difficult sometimes but I know he loved me and I loved him. We didn’t always see eye to eye. Dad grew up in an era where he was the boss of the house. He had the personality to command respect at work and at home. Mom and I were both timid and did not think to challenge his authority, well, not until I reached those lovely teenage years. It’s funny, dad and I became closer during those years while mom and I drifted apart.
I worked summers with my dad, first painting houses and later as his assistant. Dad was an electrician. He had wanted me to love it like he did and get my license, but it wasn’t for me. Dad told me later he had no clue what to do with a little girl. When I was a baby he wanted me to be grown so I could tell him what was wrong, as I got older, he wanted his little girl back. I guess all parents question ourselves. We want to do what is right for our kids. I guess that in itself is the mark of a good parent.
As a parent and grandparent, I know now how much I don’t know. My parents always seemed to know how to be parents, but I didn’t have a clue. Come to find out, they didn’t either. Today, as I look at my sons, all fathers now, I am amazed at how well they manage. They seem to know what they are doing. They face the challenge of parenting, often from long distance, or in a near panic at the frantic pace of juggling, life, career and family obligations.
I am blessed to have had a father who was there for me, even if he didn’t always agree with me. A father, who as I got older, became my friend. My husband is a little like my dad, that same strong personality, but thankfully, he’s from a different era, where co-parenting was the norm and Daddy didn’t always Know Best.
As Father’s Day comes to a close, I’d like to thank those fathers and father figures who have influenced my life, some still do: my dad and granddads who are no longer with us, my uncles, of whom, only two remain, my sons, each a father and thankfully, good men and good dads, and lastly my husband and father-in-law who continue to support me and this family in so many ways. I am thankful for you all.
Happy Father’s Day
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Father’s Day

Raising six sons, five of whom are fathers gives a new meaning to father’s day. I look at our boys, grown into strong, beautiful men and I know that I am blessed. My husband became a father to my two sons, as we joined our families into one. Together we had another son and he became the one that linked us all together. Father’s Day celebrates my sons, my husband and our fathers. My dad has been gone three years now but some days it feels like just yesterday. I am blessed to have a father-in-law who steps in to help not just my husband but each of our boys.
With eleven grandchildren I know that I am blessed. We will never be wealthy but we are rich in blessings. Our sons, their families, our parents, extended family and friends, they have given us so much. To the men in my life who have been there for me, Happy Father’s Day and thank you.