Publish and Thrive

As an indie author it is sometimes difficult to take a leap of faith and spend money on ourselves and our careers, especially when we have a limited budget. We tell ourselves it’s a dream or hobby and it’s difficult to believe it’ll ever be anything more. I put off taking Sarra’s class for a couple of years because I was afraid. I was afraid … Continue reading Publish and Thrive

Creekside Cafe Chat with Natalie Bartley

Welcome Natalie, it is so good to have you at my virtual café. Natalie: Thank you Sherri, it’s a pleasure to be here. Sherri: Natalie and I met through our Twitter group Shameless Self-Promo. I am so glad I got involved with this group. I have met some wonderful people. Natalie: It has been a very supportive community, and I’m glad I found it. Sherri: … Continue reading Creekside Cafe Chat with Natalie Bartley