Happy Veteran’s Day

I come from a long line of veterans. My father, uncles and cousins served in every branch of the military. My father was in the Air Force when he married my mother and when I was born. My uncles were in the Navy, Coast Guard and merchant marines. My cousin served many years in the Army. My middle son and his wife also served in … Continue reading Happy Veteran’s Day

Creekside Cafe Chat with Kevin E. Eastman

It is an honor to welcome former Air Force drill instructor, Kevin E. Eastman to my virtual café. It is so good to have you here. Kevin: Thank you so much for having me. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. Sherri: My father served in the Air Force, thank you for your service to our country. You are still serving with your books. Your … Continue reading Creekside Cafe Chat with Kevin E. Eastman

Marie Savage’s visit to Creekside Cafe

I am so excited to have Marie Savage with me today. I understand you are a coffee lover. How do you drink yours? I like mine with just a little half-and-half but I’ve skipped to 2% milk to cut a few calories. Marie: I like mine with Heavy whipping cream (part of the keto diet) My coffee addiction is pretty much in every book I … Continue reading Marie Savage’s visit to Creekside Cafe