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Are you a little fruity?

List your top 5 favorite fruits.

Pineapple, fresh pineapple is probably my top favorite fruit of all time but I have to be careful and not eat too much or it’ll blister my mouth.

Strawberries sweet and fresh picked, frozen, dried or in a jam. I love strawberry cheesecake, shortcake and milkshakes, and strawberry pastries, but the best way to eat strawberries is while cleaning them after a day of picking.

Cherries or grapes, it’s a toss up, but I can eat a whole bag of either in a day if I don’t pace myself.

Tangerines or the little cuties. They are sweet, tart and citrusy. I love citrus but tangerine is one of my favorites.

Mangos edge out apples, bananas and other fruit. While I am still not good at picking one out, I love it when I get a sweet and juicy one.

Is an avocado a fruit? Hmm? If it is, I might have to rethink my top five.

What is your favorite fruit?


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