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Welcome Sev Tok to Creekside Cafe

Bio: Sev Tok emigrated to the US from Istanbul, Turkey. Sev moved to the Inner Banks of North Carolina in 2017 and had a life-altering experience the second night she arrived. She came face-to-face with Greys who burned two red X marks into her back. This was not her first contact, join us for the rest of her amazing story.

Sherri: Welcome to Creekside Café, Sev, it’s incredible to have you here. Your experience must have been terrifying.

Sev: Thank you for inviting me to Creekside Cafe. I am grateful for your interest and for the opportunity to share my true story. I am a life-long Experiencer – my first conscious memories of ET Contact are from age 10. I hid my ET Contact for decades out of fear – fear from admitting it and fear from others’ responses. The ET Contact that happened the second night I moved to Arapahoe, NC, sent me into an existential crisis and it was the beginning of my healing and acceptance.

Sherri: I watch the UFO stories and documentaries on television and Unexplained History, and a few of the science fiction stories but I’ve never met anyone who has had an actual alien experience. What does Hollywood and these documentaries get right and what  do they get wrong?

Sev: The biggest issue with the media right now is the fear factor. Hollywood and other media platforms play up the fear that our society thrives on. We are a fearful society, proven by the themes of movies, books, etc that are bestsellers. Initially, Experiencers are often fearful of their ET Contact, but usually there is a shift from fear to love. As the Experiencer processes their event(s), it becomes clear their perspective is what colors the experience as bad. Once, the perspective changes, the Experiencer sees how the ET Contact is beneficial, and supportive of their desire to consciously and spiritually expand. ET Contact does not happen by accident. There is good reason someone saw a craft or a non-human being – it is to benefit them.

Sherri: What do you think they want from us? What are they trying to do? Why are they here?

Sev: ET Contact is part of the consciousness awakening happening on our planet right now. Through ET Contact, we learn about telepathy, astral travel, time/space portals, our multidimensional nature, and Oneness. All of this information and experience changes the individual and helps them recognize their own multidimensionality and purpose for being. Living consciously as a multidimensional being allows you to incorporate inter-dimensional knowledge which expands awareness and helps being Human a little easier.

Sherri: What do you hope people will get from your book?

Sev: We are not alone in the cosmos. There are beautiful, kind, intelligent Beings who are coming to help us. And if you are an Experiencer, please don’t hide anymore. You don’t have to write a book or do global interviews or be on TV, but it is important to “come out” to yourself. Hiding your ET Contact only hurts you. Personal ET Contact is an important part of a person’s reality. When we hide from ourselves, we are not living authentically. And we all know that living authentically is how we find peace, activate our purpose for being, manifest quicker, and benefit Earth and all on it.

Sherri: Do you believe Aliens walk among us passing as human? Are they our ancestors or possibly what we will become?

Sev: I do believe that we all have ET DNA. After all, we have stardust in us. We are part of the galactic world. So, essentially, we are all Hybrids. Some of us have more ET DNA activated than others. I have met many people who claim they have seen Hybrids – humans with some physical characteristics that are non-human –  on Earth. I have seen Hybrid babies in strange settings, but I cannot say I have personally seen a Hybrid walking amongst us. I do think Beings from other planets and dimensions are part of our ancestral story.

Sherri: How much of modern technology and even our own DNA has Extraterrestrials contributed to?

Sev: Much. And it is not being publicly acknowledged. I have met Experiencers who have been shown advanced technology. It is not crazy to think our governments, aerospace, and huge corporations have not benefitted from this advanced technology. We have all benefitted from it. If you watch Star Trek, you will understand!

Sherri: Do you think there will ever be a time when the majority will accept the existence of Extraterrestrials?

Sev: Yes, without a doubt.

Sherri: Are you working on anything new? What is your latest project?

Sev: I am in talks with a Producer for a Netflix TV Show, I have been asked to be a Guest Speaker at the McMenamins UFO Festival in Oregon in May 2023, I will be speaking at the MUFON International Symposium 2023 (I was the Master of Ceremonies 2022), and I am speaking at Havelock ComiCon on Nov 19 2022. There are other projects, conferences in the works. I am always giving global interviews and I have begun my second book.

Sherri: If you enjoyed this interview with Sev Tok you can meet her in person at the New Bern Farmers Market, Book Festival, Sunday, November 20th, 1 to 4 pm.

Sev Tok is a Speaker, Author, Transformational Coach, Ufologist, and Experiencer Advocate.

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, she emigrated to the US as a little girl, not knowing English as she started first grade, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Loyola University.

Sev conducts Soul Sessions, with clients around the world. The Sessions offer inter-dimensional guidance to activate one’s life-purpose, uncover inhibitive mental beliefs, illuminate best career paths, and understand how one’s personal frequency designs reality. The Sessions describe the quality of one’s quantum matrix, or aura, and how to re-design one’s aura optimizing manifestation to create peace, success, and harmony. Please visit for more information.

Sev moved to the Inner Banks of North Carolina in 2017 and had a life-altering experience the second night she arrived. She came face-to-face with Greys who burned two red X marks into her back. Sev’s ET Contact started at age 10, but she kept it hidden until she moved to the Inner Banks. She “came out” in 2018 as a Speaker at AlienCon and through her book, You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens, endorsed by renowned UFO Researcher, Kathleen Marden. She is currently working on her next book.

Sev is featured in the Canadian TV docuseries, Encounter: UFO – Physical Contact. Currently, Sev is in talks with producers of a Netflix series.  She has been interviewed around the world,  and speaks at international conferences. She was the Master of Ceremonies at MUFON’s International Symposium 2022 and is MUFON’s (Mutual UFO Network) Assistant State Director for North Carolina, a Field Investigator, and on the Executive Committee of the Experiencer Resource Team. North Carolina is usually in the Top 10 most UFO sightings in the country.

As an Experiencer Advocate, Sev helps Experiencers around the world. She also offers personal and private guidance to Experiencers through Tell Me Your ET Story on her website,, her monthly newsletter, and her YouTube channel Alien Spirit TV.

A planet and star system is named after her in the STAR WARS Galactic System! You can find the Sev Tok Star System and Planet in Wookieepedia. You may have heard her planet mentioned in the newest episode of Star Wars: Andor!

Sev lives in the town of Oriental, on the Inner Banks of North Carolina and is available for speaking engagements, TV/Documentaries, and consulting. To contact Sev:

You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens on Amazon

Alien Spirit TV on YouTube

Soul Sessions with Sev

Tell me Your ET Story

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