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Christmas Favorites

The things that we care about say a lot about us. I’m a sentimental slob but my husband is even worse. I look like an old softy, but he looks like a badass biker dude, but he’s a cinnamon roll (think that’s the new term for layers of sweet gooey goodness.)

I would love to see or hear about some of your favorites. Feel free to send me a photo or comment about your favorites. I’d love to hear from you.

Favorite Ornament

I have too many favorites to name them all, but I will say anything handmade by friends or family members. I lost so many of those when our house burned down.

One of the first ornaments we received after losing our house was handmade nutcracker soldiers from my dear friend and prom date, Alice. She made soldiers representing each of our sons. With a son in the Army at the time, my husband’s love of nutcrackers and the fact that Alice made them, this is one of my all-time favorite ornaments.

Favorite Christmas Tree

I used to do themed Christmas trees. One year my sons and I did a Native American tree with hand carved fetishes, pewter charms, dreamcatchers and an Indian Angel. We used pinecones and gumballs to decorate the tree. It was one of our favorite projects and a lovely memory.

Favorite Decoration

Oh wow, when I started writing I was sure I knew what my favorite was but then I thought but what about… so, here is my three favorite decorations for Christmas.

Even though I no longer have it as it was lost in our house fire, my all-time favorite decoration was the ceramic village my husband’s aunt Nancy made for us. She gave us a new piece for Christmas each year and I couldn’t wait to add it to the others. It wasn’t always easy finding places to display the village, but it was an important part of our holiday and a memory I cherish. It was as beautiful as the lady who made them for us because like her, the village was about love.

After losing the house, my sister-in-law decided to replace my husband’s meager nutcracker collection with a massive one she collected throughout the year. We’ve added a few more to it over the years but it all started with one box of soldiers. I have to admit it’s not Christmas without the nutcrackers standing guard.

The other Christmas decoration that means so much to me is my outside snowflake lights. My husband surprised me with them one year and I didn’t want to take them down. I left them up until March that first year convincing my husband they looked like flowers.

I’d love to hear about your favorites.


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