Silvered Midnight

Just a little taste of Leeward.

S L Hollister, author

The golden glow of the whiskey refracted
in the lighted mirror, the sweet smoky scent perfumed the air, beckoning her to
taste. Rae held the tumbler of Jack on ice, the ice having long since melted
and blended with the whiskey. The memory of the sweet burn filled her mouth. Rae
sat the glass back on the bar, shifting the coaster to square up with the
glass. The edge of the glass lined up with the logo, fitting into the circle
with the same amount left around the edge. Tracing her finger through the
condensation, she fought the memories that threatened her sobriety.

Congratulations,” Rae hugged each of the
twins, so proud of them.

“We didn’t win,”
DJ grumbled accepting the embrace with cool disinterest.

The beauty pageant
was hardly her thing but still, she looked beautiful and Rae told her so. She
left Logan talking to his sisters…

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