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The Target Audiobook Review

The Target

By David Baldacci, Narrated by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy

David Baldacci knows how to ramp up the intensity and excitement. I have been a fan for years, enjoying many of Baldacci’s action thrillers. His characters Robie and Reel have great depth and dimension. I love the way he weaves their personal life in with the job thus adding more emotion to the already intense situation.

Reel, on their boss’ $hit list doesn’t want to take Robie down with her. Robie, as her friend and possibly more, is willing to walk through fire for Reel. His loyalty, and hers will be put to the test.

A new mission, an old nemesis, and Robie and Reel aren’t sure who to trust, other than themselves. Old enemies resurface to derail Reel’s well-laid plans for her life. Meanwhile, another assassin who has trained her whole life to kill, is being sent to get rid of Robie and Reel.

This story is three stories in one. It’s fabulous how David is able to blend them together and tie them all up in a bow at the end. If I wasn’t a fan before, this story would make me one.

The narrators, Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy do a fabulous job of realizing the voices of these characters.

This is an edge of your seat, unputdownable book. I want to read it and listen to it again, it’s that good.

If you like high-stakes drama, political thrillers, assassins, international espionage, home-grown terrorists, emotion-packed danger, and kick-ass characters then read or listen to this book. It needs to be a movie!


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