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Review of A Song for Julia

A Song for Julia (Thompson Sisters) by Charles Sheehan-Miles Narrated by Jack Wallen, Alana Rader

I discovered Charles Sheehan-Miles through an author Takeover on Facebook. I’m so glad I did, A Song for Julia was a remarkable young adult romance. Crank and Julia seem like a typical opposites-attract romance, but as we learn more about the characters, we see they complete each other. The two are strong and independent even though they are broken, they are doing just fine alone. Okay, maybe not fine but they are surviving. Survival isn’t the same as living and coming alive is what happens when two people who belong together, find each other. Burdened by their individual pasts, these two battle their attraction with passion, clashing and attracting each other in equal measures. As their friendship and romance grows these two very unique characters give each other the tools needed to fight their own demons. A true team, this young couple become partners and together, share a strength not often seen for years. Their desire to put each other’s needs and desires above their own is a love marked by maturity that unfortunately often only comes after having heart ache.

A young adult romance with the addition of other relationships and how the impact their lives. The differences between their two sets of parents, their interaction with their siblings, and their friendships with others all play a part in this dynamic love story.

If you love music, romance and hope after tragedy A Song for Julia is a great choice.

The narrators did an awesome job portraying the characters and adding another element to the story. My love for audiobooks continues.


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