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Review: Goddess of Spring

Goddess of Spring by P C Cast, Read by Caitlin Davies (chirp)

This romantic fantasy, paranormal romance is a beautiful depiction of what love should be, without prejudices.

When Lina asks the Goddess Demeter for help saving her bakery, she has no clue that Demeter has her own agenda. Transported to Olympus, Lina is tasked with the job of visiting Hades in the Underworld and bringing peace to the newly departed.

Lina, in the body of the Goddess of Spring, Persephone, journeys to the Underworld and with her own powers, establishes herself as their champion. Lina’s affinity for animals, allows her to sooth the savage beasts that guard the land of the dead, and her wisdom and kindness sooth a trouble god.

Hades has kept himself away from the other gods and goddesses, preferring dead mortals to their self-absorbed antics. He cannot believe how different Persephone is.

Lina, falling in love with Hades wishes to tell him the truth but her pledge to Demeter doesn’t allow her to do so.

She, a mortal cannot live in the Underworld without dying and her responsibilities in the real world keep her tied to her past. How can a couple from two different worlds find a way to be together? Soul mates find each other no matter how far away they might travel.

One goddess nearly destroys them both, while another seeks to bring them together. Can true love win over even the greatest obstacles?

This delightful story will make you believe in the possibility of magic and happy ever after.


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